Four new homes found as Hy-Vee hosts Humane Society of Perry pet adoptions Saturday

Everyone got a turn to pet the puppies at the HSP adoption event Saturday at the Perry Hy-Vee.

The Humane Society of Perry (HSP) offered some of its most people-friendly pets for adoption Saturday at the Perry Hy-Vee, and four of them found new homes.

“The entire Hy-Vee crew became involved with this event,” said Abby Benifiel, director of the HSP. “We’re especially thankful for the enthusiasm of Larry Vodnick and Breanna Morman. They are already planning to repeat this two-day event later this fall.”

Benifiel said four animals were adopted at Saturday’s three-hour event. The cash and in-kind donations are still being tallied, she said.

Vodenik, events planner for the Perry Hy-Vee, said store employees each donated $3 for the privilege of wearing bluejeans on Saturday and Sunday, and the money went to the HSP.

“The Perry Humane Society does a lot of good work,” Vodenik said. “We feel privileged to assist them like this.”

Benfield said both local and out-of-town Hy-Vee patrons stopped by to visit and pet the animals available for adoption.

“Two cats and two dogs went to new homes,” she said, “while other people generously donated cash and supplies from our wishes-and-needs list.”

Benifiel said the return rate for dogs brought to the Perry Dog Pound, which the Humane Society of Perry manages, now stands at about 75 percent.

“Social media has made a huge difference in getting the word out about stray dogs at the pound,” she said. The return rate for cats is a mere 5 percent, she said, meaning 95 percent of lost cats never make it home.

“Two puppies are still available for adoption,” Benifiel said, “though we do have applications to look over.”

Benifiel said community support is vital to the mission of the Humane Society of Perry, particularly in donations of cash, pet food or supplies for animals awaiting permanent homes.

The Humane Society of Perry accepts unneeded pet items from around the house and encourages supporters to buy pet food for donation, which the Perry Hy-Vee will deliver to the Humane Society of Perry facilities.

Hy-Vee shoppers  on Saturday and Sunday can also make a cash donation at the register when checking out. For more information, visit the Humane Society of Perry’s Facebook page. To see more pictures from today’s adoptions, visit the Perry Hy-Vee Facebook page.


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