Four score years celebrated by Ken Finer, friends Wednesday


Ken Finer of Perry, in red, celebrated his 80th birthday Wednesday by treating his friends to coffee and sweet rolls at the Perry Perk coffeehouse in downtown Perry.

Longtime Perry High School science teacher and now part-time Ace Hardware helper Ken Finer celebrated his 80th birthday Wednesday morning by treating a large group of friends to coffee and sweet rolls at Perry Perk coffeehouse.

The Happy Birthday Song was sung in a call-and-response fashion, with the men around Ken leading the way and the female moiety answering in sweet tones from the western reaches of the popular store.

The birthday boy was congratulated on rounding out his four scores of years by members of the Society of Retired Experts and by the Rev. Rick Gates and many members of the Crossroads Church in Perry.

The icing on Finer’s cake came in the form of Tuesday’s election results, which saw Republican domination of Iowa state politics perpetuated by the election of Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and the return of Republican majorities to the Iowa House and Senate.


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