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Nic Wilhelmi fires out of the blocks to begin the Shuttle Hurdle Relay during the 8th Davis Relays at Kaufman Track April 2. Blake Jans stands behind Wilhelmi.

Some days ago, Jim Caufield, my partner at, penned an editorial titled “Second Opinion: Why Tell It All?‘ You can find it on our website if you check back to March 19.

Jim’s goal was to let our rapidly growing list of devotees know why he chose the motto “We Tell It All” for our website and to explain how we intend to put those reasons into effect.

My contributions to will focus largely on Perry and Woodward-Granger athletics as well as some dips into news, i.e., the Perry Community School Board and other news areas, as the need arises.

However, it is in the realm of sports that I am most capable and most at ease. I returned to covering local athletics with the final month or so of the Perry basketball and wrestling seasons. Your personal responses to me have been quite encouraging.

As Jim did some weeks ago, I would like to now share my vision and I will pull no punches, as it were.

The purpose as I (we) see the is to bring you news and sports in a timely fashion and in an in-depth scale you will not find elsewhere. In short, this is, and will continue to be, the place where you can turn to reliably find news and sports covered and written in the manner it which it should be reported.

We firmly believe we can offer you stories and insights you will not find elsewhere, and at a level of professionalism unmatched locally. Based on the continual string of comments you have approached the two of us to share, we believe you agree.

I would like now to address those who care about Perry sports: Your concerns have been heard and noted.
You can expect a return of agate: the linescores, boxscores and statistics that provide the basis of any solid sports reporting. You can also to tell you WHY the result was what it was, HOW the game/match/meet progressed, WHO played a key role, and not just the WHEN and the WHAT. In short, Perry and W-G fans can expect that the reporting — the storytelling — will return to their sports coverage.

Obviously, some reports will be from events at which a writer was not present, and those will, by their nature, be shorter and more stats-oriented. When the reporter is there in person, the reader deserves a story from the event and not just a no-detail recap. Observant Readers (you know who you are!) have come to expect as much over the past 10 years when seeing my byline on a story, and I will endeavor to meet your standards.

From the Press Box columns will appear on a steady basis, and, come fall, you will see the return of the weekly NFL prognostications. Again, in short, what you have missed is returning.

You, Dear Observant Reader, can play a major role in seeingĀ succeed. We encourage your comments on any and all posts … we are happy to take the positives and will strive to address issues from any negatives. You can also play a role by encouraging those businesses with which you trade to advertise here, thus helping to keep the news and sports reporting you enjoy coming your way.

Most importantly, you are our eyes and ears in the community. While Jim and I have numerous contacts throughout the city and county, we cannot be everywhere or hear everything, so if something crosses your radar, kindly alert us, as well. Not only will “We Tell It All,” but we intend to do so in a way that will, hopefully, earn your continued patronage.


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