Gift of downtown land accepted by Woodward City Council

Sandy Grubbs, left, president of Grubbs Properties LLC and owner of the Trestle Inn in Woodward, donated a 3,500-square-foot lot to the city of Woodward Monday for use as a memorial monument for U.S. military veterans. Accepting the gift on behalf of the city were, from left, Woodward City Council members Ashvin Patel, Todd Folkerts and Jim Gough, Woodward Mayor Brian Devick, Woodward City Clerk Christina Perkins, Woodward City Council members Dave Luke and Mary Bustad and Woodward City Attorney DuWayne Dalen.

The Woodward City Council unanimously agreed Monday night to accept a donation of land at the southwest corner of S. Main and W. Third streets from Grubbs Properties LLC.

Sandy Grubbs of rural Woodward, president of Grubbs Properties and owner of the Testle Inn at 306 S. Main St., said the only condition on the gift of the lot at 302 S. Main St. is that the city use part of the area as a memorial for U.S. military veterans.

“There’s been so many rumors going around what we’re going to put there,” Grubbs told the council in brief remarks. “I bet once a week somebody comes up to me and says, ‘Are you going to do a community garden there? Are you going to do this or that there?’ If I was going to do that, I would not have done this and not addressed any of this or given it to the city. So the point is I don’t really care. I  just would like to see a memorial. Other than that, as it’s a service to the town, let the people in Woodward decide. It’s a gift to you and from my husband, Scott, too.”

Grubbs Properties LLC bought the 3,550-square-foot property in January from the Gary W. Ellett Revocable Trust.

“I would also like mention Gary Ellett,” Grubbs said Monday. “When me and my husband bought those three lots, Gary gave me one heck of a deal because he liked my idea of doing a memorial. So I don’t think I could have afforded and done all this if it hadn’t have been for Gary Ellett, so he needs to be commended for that.”

The property faces the Woodward Centennial mural and park and will enlarge the city’s capacity for public events in the area.

“I think the community and our veterans who served this country should have a big say in this,” Grubbs said. “I just wanted it to be a part of Woodward that the town can enjoy because it’s such a popular location. The parades, the school, everything is located on that street.”

Woodward City Council Council Todd Folkerts moved, and Council member David Luke seconded the resolution to receive the gift from Grubbs Properties. The council voted unanimously to approve the resolution.


  1. Sandy has always been a compassionate person for as long as I’ve known her. Thank you, Sandy! My suggestion would be not only a Veterans Memorial, but let’s include a Freedom Rock!


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