Half a million … and still growing

ThePerryNews.com entry in the Independence Day parade was a 1951 Oldsmobile Rocket 88, owned and piloted by Mike Caufield. That is Editor/Publisher Jim Caufield at left, and Sports Editor Jeff Webster on the right. In our first five months, ThePerryNews.com generated 200,000 website visits. In the last three, we have added another 300,000.

ThePerryNews logo - fbThere are many ways to calculate one half of one million.

You might try writing it as 500,000.

Using miles as a measure, you could say it is roughly equal to 20 trips around the equator of the Earth, or less than a trip to the surface of the moon and back, or you might say that 500,000 feet is approximately 95 miles.

Counting by seconds it would take you five days, 18 hours and 52 seconds to reach 500,000; counting by days a half-million equates to just about 1,368 years.

In population numbers 500,000 is more than the population of Des Moines, West Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport, combined.

One-half of one-million is more than the weight of seven adult brontosauruses, or the equivalent of one brontosaurus and one blue whale.

Counting by ounces, you would possess 1,736 cases of your favorite beverage in 12 ounce cans. All those ounces? In gold the net value would easily top $900 million.

ThePerryNews logo - fbAnd if you were to count individual visits to this website, you would also have 500,000 — in hardly more than eight months of existence.

Add to that almost 3,400 Facebook Likes, and the sum total is clear: With your help, ThePerryNews.com is redefining local media. Thanks!


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