Hello, ThePerryNews.com readers!


Hello, ThePerryNews.com readers! I wanted to formally introduce myself, being a new writer for ThePerryNews.com.

My name is Sierra Pulica. I am currently a senior at Perry High School. I’m infamous for my peppy voice through the Burger King drive thru, and—to my excitement—I have recently started writing for you guys!

I consider myself to be a passionate person. I am passionate about writing, and when I invest my time in a piece, hours go by like seconds. I tend to lose myself in a story, which is why I am so excited about this opportunity.

I also have always had a passion for music, so I plan to show this love through my writing. My favorite artist is Ben Folds, who I have loved since I was very young, but I also love Twenty One Pilots (which is shown in my first article) and many other singer songwriters.

I have always been interested in all forms of art, including photography, painting and music, but it just so happens that writing is the one I have become addicted to and best at. Once in a while, I will temporarily become fixated on photography, too. During this time, I will take several pictures a day, but I slowly become rather bored with the process.

Another important part of who I am is the dire need I feel to soul search, which is a topic that will also be brought out in my writing. I have been soul searching for as long as I can remember, finding out step by step who it is that I am and who I want to be.

I feel that soul searching is an enlightening process in which all should indulge in. Through soul searching, I have discovered my belief in Buddhism, many of the values and morals that are most important to me in life and who it is I want to be. With the love of soul searching comes activities such as journaling, meditating and doing yoga.

Sierra Pulica contributes articles on music and modern times.
Sierra Pulica contributes articles on music and modern times.

All in all, I consider myself to be a typical teenager—I have friends I like to spend time with. I go to school and work. I indulge in watching Netflix from time to time. I am newly discovering the world around me. I’d call that typical.

As far as the future goes, I’m going to school at DMACC in Ankeny next year, and I’m planning on studying journalism as a career. Since I really love writing fictional stories, I would like to write on my own accord on the side.

However, I’m still not completely sure what path my life is going to follow at this point in time. I would love to be able to travel the world one day and experience different cultures while I write.


  1. I am an old woman. I am not at all sure you follow a path. I see it more as creating a path. Just remember that paths are often crooked, sometimes even turning back on themselves. Straight paths are boring. The journey will happen regardless. Make the most of each present moment and when you get to be my age (72) you can feel good about your life and the world will be a better place because you are who you were created to be. There has never been anyone like you. You are a unique being. Relax and enjoy the journey.
    P.S. Sounds like you enjoy reading and writing. I recently read a novel that broadened my thinking about immigration. Very well written: “From the Lives Ww Knew” by Phil Miller. I thought since you were interested in different cultures you might enjoy reading about the culture of some of the victims of Middle East tensions.
    Bless your journey in life.


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