Hero Rock rolls to La Paris Wednesday morning

The four-ton Hero Rock stands between two maple trees in the rear of La Paris at 1104 Second St. in downtown Perry. The trees and rock will be dedicated in a ceremony soon, the owner said.

While Habitat for Humanity is known for rocking the block in its special way, a downtown block got rocked in a different way Wednesday morning in Perry when the Hero Rock was delivered to the rear of La Paris at 1104 Second St.

“I want to call it the Hero Rock,” said La Paris owner Jacqueline Riekena. “It has arrived and has been perfectly placed between the two maple trees in the back of the building.”  Riekena said special thanks was due to Dennis Allen and Steve Stalzer for delivering and placing the rock.

“Dennis owns Dennis’ Rocks and helped pick out the perfect rock,” she said.

The ancient geographer Pausanias told of the Boeotian city of Thespiae, where the great god of love, Eros, was worshipped in the form of an unhewn rock. He said the cult was very ancient and mysterious. Students of religion describe such a thing as an aniconic image.

The aniconic image behind La Paris will be devoted to love of another kind. Riekena said her Hero Rock, along with the two maple trees straddling it, will be dedicated at an upcoming ceremony.

Ongoing work at La Paris will move to the exterior of the building Wednesday, Riekena said. She said one of the stores, Prairie Girls, should be open before Christmas.


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