Homecoming parade returning to Perry

Spirits were high at the bonfire Oct. 1. Helping to lift spirits this year will be the return of the Homecoming parade.

After an eight-year absence, Perry will host a Homecoming parade this fall.

The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce will be the official sponsor of the event, which will be held Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 6:30 p.m. according to Dave Wright, a director with the PACC. The last Homecoming parade held in Perry was in 2007.

“We will be using a little different route than people are used to,” Wright said. “The lineup will be held along Third and Fourth Streets on either side of the Fareway parking lot. From there we will proceed down Willis Avenue to the east, turn north on 18th Street and finish at the high school.”

Perry will play Gilbert at Dewey Field on Friday, Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. With the Leon Fox Invitational cross country meet already scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29, the parade was moved back one day.

It is expected that the annual pep rally, king and queen coronation and bonfire will still be held on Thursday of Homecoming week.

“As of now this is just a one-year experiment,” Wright said. “If it goes well, who knows? I would love to see it every year, and anyone who feels the same way needs to step up and help any way they can.”

Wright said his hope was that each class (frosh, soph, etc.) would have a float and be “partnered with and sponsored by” one or more area businesses.

He added that planning was still in the initial stages but that he hoped to have a much firmer grasp of the details well before the start of the school year.

ThePerryNews.com conducted a survey last year regarding the celebration of Homecoming at Perry and select other schools. None hold the popular “Volunteer Day” conducted by Perry on the Wednesday of spirit week and only Gilbert joins Perry in holding a bonfire.

School*                        Parade     Coronation     Dance     Bonfire     Windows**
ADM                                 YES            THURS            SAT          NO               NO
Algona                              YES              FRI               FRI             1                NO
Ballard                              YES             THURS           SAT          NO               YES
Bondurant-Farrar               YES              MON             SAT          NO               NO
Boone                                YES              FRI               SAT          NO                2
Carlisle                              YES             THURS           SAT          NO               NO
Carroll                                YES             THURS          SAT          NO               YES
Dallas Center-Grimes         YES             THURS           SAT          NO               NO
Gilbert                               YES             THURS           SAT          YES              NO
Greene County                   YES              FRI                 3            NO               YES
Humboldt                           YES              FRI               FRI           NO               NO
Ogden                                YES              FRI               FRI           NO               YES
Panorama                            NO             WEDS           SAT           NO               NO
Webster City                       YES             THURS          SAT           NO               NO
Winterset                            YES             FRI               SAT           NO               NO
Woodward-Granger             YES             THURS          SAT           NO               NO
Perry                                    NO             THURS          FRI           YES              ??

  • — List is taken from current Raccoon River Conference teams, district football opponents (from 2014-2015) and three area schools. North Polk did not answer repeated requests for information.

** — Denotes the decoration of downtown/area business windows. Perry did not decorate (aside from in the school itself); all schools do some sort of school window or classroom door decorations.
1 — Algona has an outdoor pep rally, but small fire pits are used instead of a bonfire.
2 — Boone students are allowed to decorate the pavement on four streets surrounding the football field; business windows are not decorated by students, though some do so on their own accord.
3 — Greene County does not have a Homecoming Dance; a post-game “Stand Around” for students is held in the parking lot.

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