Host Toreadors shoot past Jayettes in postseason opener

Perry senior Mariah Duffy looks for room along the baseline as Boone's Rylee Claman (22) and Emma Rouse (20) defend during their Class 4A Region 7 First Round game Saturday.

BOONE — Any time a team takes 27 3-pointers in a single game — and makes 14 — the odds are good that team is going to win the contest.

That is exactly the scenario which played out here Saturday, as 13th-ranked Boone (18-4) shot 14-of-27 outside the 19 foot, nine inch arc and 15-of-25 from inside of it en route to a 75-36 blowout win over Perry (8-14) in their Class 4A Region 7 First Round contest.

Perry senior Victoria Hegstrom scores the final two points of her prep career in a Class 4A Region 7 contest against Boone Saturday.
Perry senior Victoria Hegstrom scores the final two points of her prep career in a Class 4A Region 7 contest against Boone Saturday.

Two minutes into the game the Jayettes faced a 7-3 deficit, and that was as close as they would come. After a further two minutes the Toreadors held an 18-5 lead, and four minutes after that the gap has swollen to 31-5.

Perry went nearly seven full minutes without scoring as Boone bombed away from outside at a frantic pace, sinking triple after triple to open a 41-5 chasm before Taylor Latrum scored just under two minutes into the second quarter.

Boone then completed their 43-10, 12-minute run by scoring 16 of the final 24 points in the half to enter the locker room with a 57-15 lead.

With a continuous clock in play, the hosts used a 10-5 spurt in the third frame for a 67-20 edge, then went with reserves and a cautious offense in the final eight minutes, allowing for a 16-8 Jayette surge that created the final score.

Taylor Lathrum scores for Perry against host Boone Saturday in their Class 4A Region 7 First Round game. The senior led the Jayettes with 14 points.
Taylor Lathrum scores for Perry against host Boone Saturday in their Class 4A Region 7 First Round game. The senior led the Jayettes with 14 points.

Caitlynne Shadle had 23 points and Dianna Slight 18 for the Toreadors, with Madlyn Danner scoring 11 points and Rylee Claman eight. Seven points from Emma Rouse, four from Claire Sandvig and two apiece from Mallory Erb and Faith Lawrence capped the Boone scoring.

Shadle, Slight and Rouse had four assists apiece, as did Laura Anderson, with Sandvig collecting 10 rebounds.

Perry was led by Taylor Lathrum’s 14 points, with Grace Marburger and Emma Olejniczak tallying seven points apiece. Mariah Duffy had four points and Victoria Hegstrom and Isabel Saemisch two apiece for the Jayettes.

The game was the final prep cage appearance for Duffy, Hegstrom, Lathrum and Haileigh Kenyon. The quartet were part of Jayette teams that went a combined 58-34 (.630) in their four seasons.

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  1. Yes, the Boone girls played a great game . . . but as for their student section and administrator, they stunk. In the first half, comments were made loud enough for all on the Perry side of the gym to hear CLEARLY what they were saying. Cheers about Perry needing wheelchairs, cheers about each player’s shooting ability and so on. So at half, I asked the Boone scorekeeper if the Boone Athletic Director was on sight. He stated, No, and said he would talk to another responsible person in position. He approached a man in a red sweatshirt who eventfully went down to the student section and stood off to the side, texting on his phone the whole time. During the second half, the harassment continued. One of the Perry players fell, and the student section proceeded to yell at her, “Get up! Get up!” But the topper was when they created a cheer with the content of “God created the Jayettes, even God makes mistakes.” At that point, one of the Perry parents went over to the nonproductive principal and asked him to address these issues. He said, “Yeah,” and went back to his phone. I have pictures of the parent speaking with him and what he did after she left, which was nothing. How sad is it that these students were allowed to muddy the waters of a great girls basketball team like that? I sincerely hope this does not happen anymore on their way to State. GO BOONE GIRLS! ON TO STATE! But get a new student section to go with you!

  2. This is very sad but true. I was there and unfortunately witnessed this poor behavior of the Boone students. I went to enjoy the game, not to listen to “faul” chanting and witness a man of authority for Boone High School stand off to the side of the student section and do absolutely nothing but text on his cell phone. Very poor sportsmanship.

  3. I also was a witness to this event. The Boone student section was by far the absolute worst I have ever had to listen to. The comments they were allowed to make with their principal standing within 5 feet ( all the while on his smartphone, not paying any attention) were borderline harassment to the athletes. The “get her a wheelchair” comment was uncalled for. Their screaming at an athlete on the ground to “Get up” was uncalled for, but the chant or cheer, as you would call it — “God made the rivers. God made the streams. God made the Jayettes. God made a mistake” — was undeniably, blatantly rude. Another thing not mentioned that is against the rules: someone in that Boone student section had a noise maker and continued to use it throughout the game. I wonder how different the night would have went with the AD on sight. Would the cheers and chants have been stopped? Because I know firsthand the principal did not care.
    I wish the Boone girls team good luck on their journey through the rest of the year. That team has a host of talented young players. As for those in the student section, you failed — as classmates, as supporters, as friends. You were nothing more than an embarrassment to your girls basketball team. I sincerely hope they think twice about allowing any of you to attend their next game.


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