‘I Remember Rippey’ published as tribute to town’s history

Perry Public Library Director Mary Murphy accepts a donated copy of "I Remember Rippey," written by persons living in Rippey or with strong Rippey roots. Photo courtesy Friends of Rippey

A copy of the 187-page book, “I Remember Rippey,” has been donated to the Perry Public Library by the book’s coordinator, Phyllis McElheney Lepke of Rippey, and her husband, Larry Lepke.

Originally planned as a booklet for the 150th anniversary of the founding of the town of Rippey, the project morphed to include 42 authors writing about experiences from their formative years in Rippey. It is available as a published book and includes some photos.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration originally planned for 2020 was postponed until 2021, but the book has been available for purchase since Oct. 31.

Partially funded by the Greene County Community Foundation, “I Remember Rippey” is available from the Friends of Rippey for $10 each or, if mailed, at a cost of $15.

Copies are also available at the both banks located in Rippey and the Rippey Public Library.

The writings were submitted by everyday, nonprofessional writers to McElheney Lepke, who volunteered to coordinate the project. The tone of the stories varies, from tugging on your emotional heartstrings to laugh-out-loud humorous anecdotes.

The Lepkes have donated one of the “I Remember Rippey to long-term care facilities in Greene County as well as Perry in addition to the donations to the libraries.

Categories include early Rippey history, organizations, institutions and a section honoring the community’s most elderly citizens, LaVere Derry and Mary Cunningham.

The book was printed by Raspberry Ridge Publishing Editor Janice Harbaugh of Jefferson.

Mary Weaver is a member of the Friends of Rippey.


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