Identity of Stokely Lumber burglar sought

A security camera at Stokely Lumber Co. in Perry caught this image of an intruder last weekend. The cash register was rifled in the break in, according to records of the Perry Police Department.

Local law enforcement is seeking the identity of the person pictured above for his involvement with last weekend’s break in at Stokely Lumber Co. at 1040 26th St. in Perry.

According to Perry Police Department records, a caller on April 3 said “entered Stokely Lumber sometime over the weekend and took the cash register box and contents.”

An investigation is ongoing into the burglary. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Perry Police Department at 515-465-5661.


  1. What in the hell is the use of having a security camera if you can never get a clear picture on it? How would anyone be able to identify the person in this picture? Banks have the same problem. I am sure there are much better cameras available, so why don’t they buy them? Then they wouldn’t have all this “It might be him” and “It kind of looks like him so maybe it is him” and “It could be him or him or him.” Take the guess work out, and buy better cameras.


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