IHSAA adds 5A to football classification, alters regular season and playoff brackets

New district assignments for prep football have been released.

BOONE — The IHSAA recently brought changes to prep football in Iowa by creating a new 5A class. In the process, they set limits on regular season games and how many teams will qualify for the playoffs in each class.

The 36 largest schools will now be considered 5A, with the next 36 in 4A and the following 36 in 3A. All will play nine regular season games, with each class having 16 postseason qualifiers.

Class 2A will contain the following 48 schools (after 3A), with 1A the 48 next smallest. Both will play only eight regular season contests, but 32 teams from each class will reach the playoffs.

Class A will be comprised of the remaining schools playing 11-man football. They, like 2A and 1A, will play eight regular season games, with 32 teams making the postseason.

Eight-player will remain one class (it was suggested it be divided into two), with teams playing eight regular season games. A total of 32 8P teams reach the playoffs.

Teams in 2A, 1A, A, and 8P will be allowed to play a ninth regular season game if they are not a playoff qualifier.

BEDS numbers will determine where each team is classified. Based on the most current numbers (which could change), 5A would range from Waukee (2,267) to Ottumwa (955), with Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln (955) and North Polk (397) the bookends for 4A.

Under those numbers, area teams in 4A would include DC-G (644), Boone (482), Carlisle (482), Bondurant-Farrar (470), ADM (398), and Carroll (397).

Keokuk (392) would be the largest 3A, with Monticello (301) the smallest. Winterset (389) and Perry (388) would be classified as 3A.

Clarke (300) and NE Goose Lake (205) would begin and end 2A, which would include local schools Greene County (259) and Panorama (212).

Louisa-Muscatine (204) and Bellevue (163) would set the parameters for 1A. Woodward-Granger (184) would be placed in 1A, with Woodward Academy (158), Ogden (153), and Madrid (152) all assigned to Class A.

New districts for each class will be released in the upcoming weeks by the IHSAA.


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