Iowa Youth Caucus to bring young voices into political discussion



The first statewide Iowa Youth Caucus, a new initiative by the Iowa Secretary of State, was announced this week as a way to bring young people into the political process and encourage participation in public policy discussions.

The Dallas County youth caucus will be held Nov. 19 at ADM High School, 801 Nile Kinnick Dr. South in Adel. The nonpartisan event will provide free instruction to students on the caucus process used by both the Democrat and Republican parties.

“Students will caucus for their favored presidential candidates,” said Dallas County Republican Chairperson Tyler DeHaan. “The office of the Iowa Secretary of State is working on a two-minute video for each candidate.”

Actual campaign staffers — only one per candidate — will also participate in the caucus to advocate for their candidate.

“This imparts realism into the process,” said Dallas County Democrat Chairperson Del Buchman. “Tables can be set up for presidential candidates. No other political offices will be included in the youth caucus. It is our hope that presidential campaigns will participate in the youth caucus and that members of the media will cover the event.”

Training sessions for youth caucus organizers were held in July and September in Iowa’s four Congressional districts. Both Democrat and Republican volunteers and county leaders attended the same training in order to begin step-by-step planning for the November event.

For more information on the Dallas County Youth Caucus, contact DeHaan at or 515-720-4708 and Buchman at or 515-993-3456.


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