January Bluejay Leaders named at Perry Elementary

The Perry Elementary first grade students chosen as Bluejay Leaders for January pose for a group photo. In front are Aidrhianna Lewis, Jay Vargas, Kenleigh Robb, and Hunter Vasseau, with Josias Hernandez, Genesis Corado, Yordanos Okkubazgi and Judah Flinn in the middle row while Shontell Williams, Alex Amendosh, and Alexis Ayers-Betts stand at rear. Not pictured is Alan Martinez. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Select students have earned the moniker of “Bluejay Leader” at Perry Elementary School for the month of January. Bluejay Leaders are chosen by their teachers after displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

The January Bluejay Leaders from kindergarten pose for a photo. Kylie Fischer, Leandro Fransisco, Avacyn Martinez, and Quentin Mintun stand on the floor, with Teresa Armenta, Kinlee Schmitz, Connor Wells, Alice Perez, and Alexa Reyes in the middle row. Standing at rear are Gabriel Sheehy, Kayla Abarca, Sebastian Gonzalez, and Thiago Vasquez. Jack Andrews is not pictured.

Payton Pierschbacher, Eleazar Salazar, and Isabella Hernandez stand in the front row of the fifth grade Bluejay Leader group photo for the fifth grade. Said Vargas-Vidal, Jaidyn Dillinger, Precious Nicolaisen, and Bryan Chavez are in the middle row, with Everwin Htoo, Chole Speck, and Joseph Ponce in the top row.

January Bluejay Leaders from grade four display their certficates. In front are Stella Perez, Issac Gebresslasie, and Andrea Sanchez, with Maybeline Flores-Jiminez, Lenny Ochoa, and T.J. Fickbohm in the second row, and Landen Edler, Karen Vargas, and Mayrin Cerna stand in the top row. Not pictured is Ashton Hike.

The third grade Bluejay Leaders included, in front, Zoey Bautista-Espinoza, Kamila Contreras, and Thar Thar, with Aaliyah Rivera-Rote, Rihanna Mendoza, Kwal Mangor, and Mason Hernandez in the second row. At rear are Charlie Denson, Anthony Carrillo, and Sergio Ibanez, with Santiago Ramirez not pictured.

Posing for a group photo are the second grade students chosen as Bluejay Leaders. The bottom row includes Alex Madriaga, Cody Goodman, Jesus Hernandez, and Haylee Hernandez, with the middle row featuring Sophia Carlson, Caroline Medina, Eyden Vasquez-Rodriguez, and Jory Cruz. At top are Ruby Holle, Dania Hernandez, Jannaliah Castro, and Naomi Cedillo. Not pictured is Illiana Rosdao.

All photos courtesy Perry Elementary School. All names are as submitted.


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