Jefferson Police Report September 16


September 12, 2019

  • As a result of a traffic stop in the 2000 block of N. Mulberry Road, Joshua Smithson was issued a citation for driving while suspended and violation of financial liability coverage.
  • Dakota Bishop reported several kids knocking on doors and running away by the intersection of N. Vine and W. Washington streets.
  • Officers responded to the 700 block of S. Locust Street for a female who needed to be evaluated by a doctor that the Greene County Medial Center.
  • Brittany Smith reported a criminal mischief complaint involving damage to a 1999 Buick Regal in the 200 block of N. Wilson Avenue.
  • Mike Bills reported a parking complaint in the 200 block of W. McKinley Street.
  • Tim Cadden spoke with an officer about a parking issue in the 600 block of S. Cedar Street.
  • An officer responded to the Greene County Medical Center for an uncooperative patient.
  • The staff at the Greenewood Congregate Meals reported a dog running at large in the 400 block of W. Greenewood Road.
  • The staff at a retail store at 508 N. Elm St. reported a harassment complaint involving a male who was continuously and intentionally calling the store’s phone line to cause annoyance.
  • John Kusel reported a theft at 304 N. Vine St. after completing an eviction on the residence. The stolen items included the furnace/air conditioning unit ($7,000 value) and a hot water heater ($7,000 value). An officer is investigating.
  • Bill Richardson reported a theft of a of a tablet from 304 N. Chestnut St. with the value of $400. An officer is investigating.
  • Maureen Borkowski spoke with an officer about possible illegal activity occurring in Grand Junction.
  • An officer spoke with two individuals at Washington Park at 700 block of W. Washington Street about the park being closed for the evening.

September 13, 2019

  • An officer picked up a Jefferson male on a Greene County committal court order and took him to the emergency room for evaluation by a medical doctor.
  • Nahun Moran reported damage to his vehicle while parked overnight at 302 N. Oak St. Someone entered the unlocked 2003 Ford Explorer and damaged the steering column in attempting to start the vehicle without a key. The officer estimated the damage at $500. Items were gathered from the vehicle for fingerprinting.
  • An employee of a retail store reported witnessing a possible violation of a protective order at 104 N. Locust St. The officer learned an employee is the protected party of an order of protection. A male was seen leaving a flower on her vehicle. Officers located the male in the courthouse. James Leon Cunningham, 44, of Jefferson was arrested for violation of a protective order.
  • The Greene County Elementary requested an officer at 401 E. Russell St. for a fourth grader who was out of control. The officer arrived and assisted school staff with defusing the issue.
  • Ryan Patterson spoke with an officer in connection to a Civil Issue at 505 N. Grimmell Road.
  • Dennis Jordan reported several kids riding a golf cart in a careless manner in the 200 block of N. Pinet Street. The officer made contact with the juveniles and contacted their parents about the issue.
  • An officer spoke to a realtor in charge of a vacant house at 913 W. Lincoln Way St. about grass clippings being blown into the roadway. The realtor advised he would contact the mowing company and advise them to end this practice.
  • Jennifer Ashby spoke with an officer about a family member she cannot locate. The officer advised her to contact the Des Moines Police Department because the person was living there.
  • Lorrie Gannon reported a fight in progress in the parking lot at 777 Wild Rose Lane. The officer arrived and spoke to a male. The officer learned there was no physical assault but only a verbal altercation.
  • An officer removed a bat from the residence at 614 S. Olive St.
  • Billie Jo Hovak reported a juvenile with a vape pen at the entrance to the football field at 103 Ram Drive. The officer spoke to a male juvenile, who said an unknown female juvenile had the vaping device and was now gone from the area.
  • Brenda Malone reported barking dogs at 701 N. Cedar St. The officer spoke to the animal’s owner about the issue.

September 14, 2019

  • An officer performed a traffic stop in the 1700 block of Westwood Drive after witnessing the vehicle fail to obey a stop sign. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Christopher Michael Andrew, 22, of Scranton for first-offense OWI, failure to provide proof of financial liability and failure to obey stop sign.
  • Trevor Vanscoy reported the death of his 4-year-old pit bull. The dog became ill, and Vanscoy rushed it to a vet in Ames, where the animal died. The vet suspects the animal might have been poisoned and is conducting tests to determine this. An officer is awaiting the tests results before proceeding further with the investigation.
  • Candy Phipps reported a large amount of mud on the roadway left by farm equipment. The trail of mud started near Maple and Mahlon streets and went northward on N. Elm Street. The farmer was contacted, and he said he was heading to town to clean up the mud.
  • Nicole Borkowski reported a possible violation of a protective order after receiving text messages from someone on her cell phone. An officer is investigating.
  • A retail store at 507 N. Elm St. reported a very rude male customer at the drive-through window. The rude male left the area before an officer’s arrival.
  • Cindy Rowland reported an unsupervised burn occurring at 902 N. Pinet St. An officer located a smoldering tree branch fire but could not locate the property owner. The heavy rain extinguished the fire a short time later.
  • Officers were requested at 304 N. Chestnut St. for an unwanted male at the door. The male left the area before the arrival of the officers. The male was previously told by an officer not to return to the address. Trespass charges are pending at this time.
  • Matt Carlson reported barking dogs for several hours at 1001 Westwood Drive. An officer spoke to the animals’ owner about possible solutions to the issue.
  • Nancy Scheffers reported a suspicious vehicle parked in the 1200 block of Westwood Drive. An officer made contact with the driver, who said he was waiting for a friend to arrive.

September 15, 2019

  • Kay Taylor reported seeing a red light in her neighbor’s yard in the 1500 block of W. Lincoln Way. An officer determined it was a light on a grill and all was fine.
  • A Polk City Police Department Officer advised of a male with an active arrest warrant who might be staying in Jefferson. An officer will watch for the person in town.
  • A traffic stop at Oak and Reed streets resulted in Brian Hardaway of Jefferson being issued a citation for operation without registration.
  • An officer responded to an alarm activation at the Jefferson Community Center. A door was left unsecured, and three juveniles entered the closed business and used the restroom.
  • Jennifer Ashby reported receiving unwanted messages on Facebook. Ashby was advised to block the person from her page.
  • Nicole Borkowski reported a possible violation of a protective order by internet. An officer is investigating.
  • A traffic stop at Lincoln Way and Elm Street resulted in Julie Blaha of Fort Dodge being issued a citation for failure to obey a stop sign.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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