Jim and Donna Galligan celebrate 60 years of love Sunday

Celebrating 60 years of marriage Sunday were Donna Galligan, left, and Jim Galligan, who welcomed family and many friends to an open house.

Jim and Donna Galligan of Perry welcomed a large number of family and friends to Sunday’s celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary in the Cellar at La Poste.

Hailing originally from Wisconsin, the Galligans have been fixtures since the early 1960s in the Perry community, where they raised their five children and continue to welcome a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren to their home.

“It was wonderful to reminisce and catch up,” said longtime family friend Julie Rinker. “We used to ride our bikes on Marengo Drive, play Barbies, listen to my Beatles and Monkees records and occasionally have girlie tiffs. Thank you for letting me be part of the celebration. Love you all very much!”

Donna Galligan, second from left, successfully raised her eldest child, Colleen Kuehl, left, while making a positive impression on neighborhood kids Julie Rinker, right, and Wanda Hornsby. Photo courtesy Julie Rinker


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