Joe Warnock honored at Nudgers’ memorial bench dedication

Joanne Warnock, left, the wife of Joe Warnock, and Nudger President Cindy Sohn were joined by some 20 friends Wednesday morning to dedicate a memorial bench in downtown Perry to notable Nudger Joe Warnock, who died in 2017.

The Nudgers property-development group dedicated a memorial bench in downtown Perry Wednesday morning to Nudger Joe Warnock, whose talents were crucial to numerous Nudgers’ projects prior to his death in December 2017.

Fundraising for the memorial bench began last summer with a Nudgers wine-tasting event, and the bench was recently placed in front of the commercial building at 1314-1316 Second St., the site of Warnock’s final restoration efforts as a Nudger.

The plaque on the bench is inscribed: “Joe Warnock (1959-2017) Nudger of Distinction, Friend.”

“Joe gave 100 percent and was a perfectionist,” a tearful Nudgers President Cindy Sohn said to the 20-some gathered friends. “He put his stamp on our community, especially in our downtown. That’s why it seemed appropriate to place the bench in front of this downtown building, the last project Joe was a part of as a Nudger.”

Sohn spoke for all when she thanked Joanne Warnock for attending the event and sharing their gratitude and love for Joe Warnock.

“Joe, your presence is truly missed,” she said, “but you will forever be in our minds and hearts. Thanks to everyone for sharing this day with us, especially Joe’s wife, Joanne Warnock.”

The non-profit property-development group specializes in restoring dilapidated downtown buildings. The group’s restoration successes date from the 1990s, when they salvaged the old Fox Lunch building at 1318 Second St. The ambitious project of restoring the former Elks Club at 1211 Second St. was another notable Nudger effort.

Joining Joanne Warnock for the dedication were Joe’s sister, Donna Warnock Butterfield, and her husband, Roy Butterfield, Nudgers Cindy Sohn, Sandy Grubbs, Cheri Tice Scheib, Jay Pattee, Matt McDevitt, Andrew Brommer, Scott Coffman and Dirk Cavanaugh and friends Brad Kiefer, Dean Haaland, Lee Coons, Pat Snyder, Jenny Eklund, Kathy Hoskinson, Eileen Splendore, Dan Ruggle, Gina Ruggle, Robin McCauley and Jim Caufield.


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