Juggling Hanson family visits Minburn summer readers


Three members of the multi-talented Hanson family from Kanawha, Iowa, brought their fast-paced show to the Minburn Elementary School gymnasium Thursday evening, the kickoff event for the Minburn Public Library’s 2019 Summer Reading Program.

About 25 summer readers and their instructors gathered in the gym to watch a dazzling demonstration of juggling by Mark Hanson — not to be confused with a local political juggler of the same name. Hanson is a holder of two Guinness World Records for speed juggling.

Hanson was joined by his wife, Christa Faye Hanson, who also holds a Guinness World Record — not for juggling but for the largest cut-out snow flake ever made. Also performing was their eldest child, Christa Berit Hanson, a national champion unicyclist.

The Hansons filled the hour with a fair share of juggling and unicycling and also fun-filled lessons in working hard, reading and doing tricks. Visit the Hansons’ website shows many of their favorite acts.

Highlights of the show came when Abigail, one of the Minburn Summer Reading Program students, balanced three spinning plates, including one on her head, and two other summer readers, Olivia and Chase, took part in a club-throwing routine, with the Hanson’s pulling gags about the safety equipment.

The world's largest cut-out snow flake was made by Christa Faye Hanson in 2012.
The world’s largest cut-out snow flake was made by Christa Faye Hanson in 2012.


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