Knights of Columbus make semi-annual pilgrimage to clean ditch

Picking up litter along County Road P58 Sunday were Knights of Columbus Eric Vaughn, left, and Dave Summerson.

The St. Patrick’s Knights of Columbus made their semi-annual pilgrimage to their stretch of County Road P58 south of Perry Sunday afternoon in order to walk the ditch and remove litter in the Dallas County Adopt-A-Roadway program.

Knights have been cleaning up after errant area litterers since the Adopt a Roadway program was started in 1999. There are currently 26 dedicated groups sponsoring 56 miles of Dallas County roads, with 126 miles of hard-surfaced roads still available for adoption.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Roadway program or to sponsor a section of roadway, visit the website or contact the Dallas County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Roadside Biologist Jim Uthe at 515-993-5868 ext. 209.


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