Lake Robbins 1931-themed dance party raises funds for new roof


Saturday night’s 1931 fundraiser at Lake Robbins Ballroom raised the roof on the 90-year-old dance hall, which was fitting because a new roof was the goal of the fundraiser.

The historic Lake Robbins opened Nov. 11, 1931, in rural Woodward, and over the decades it has hosted numerous musical luminaries, such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Les Brown and many others.

The venue, which attracts dance lovers from around the U.S., was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

Lake Robbins continues to host dance bands on Saturday and Sunday evenings and is a venue for wedding receptions and other special events.

Saturday’s 1931-themed event saw dancers stepping the Charleston and other era dances and enjoying the music of the Close Enough Band. Prizes were awarded to best dancers and best dressed.

A bake sale and on-line auction were also part of the event. The new roof is needed in order to keep the historic venue open for music and dance lovers.


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