Latino voter registration drive hits streets of Perry Saturday

Clemen Wilcox of Urbandale worked the phones and the voter registration tables Saturday in Perry in a Latino voter registration drive..

Volunteers with the Iowa Democratic Party led a Latino voter registration drive Saturday in Perry, with registration materials available at markets, restaurants and –appropriately for the presidential race — taco trucks around town.

Clemens Wilcox of Urbandale, sporting a t-shirt reading, “Being A Citizen Rocks,” said she likes talking to people about their political opinions, whether at the registration tables or when phone banking.

Angelica Cardenas-Diaz of Perry said many calls went unanswered Saturday at mid-day. She said the beautiful weather probably had people outdoors and away from their phones.

Carrie Gosnell of Des Moines and Rosy Williamson of Urbandale worked as a team at a voter registration table set up at El Mago Mexican restaurant in Caboose Park. They said they registered a good number of people at the new eatery.

Heather Anderson of Des Moines and Brenda Phongsavanh of Ankeny staffed a registration table outside El Rey Market on Second Street. Saturday saw a lot of traffic to the store and some newly registered voters.

Anderson is a member of the Board of Directors of the Des Moines Public School, and Phongsavanh chairs the Latino Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Instructions for voters who want to register online, by mail and in person are available on the Iowa Secretary of State website.


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