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Editor’s note: “Laura’s Quick Questions” is an ongoing occasional feature at in which Perryites are asked questions that elicit quick, short responses. Some questions are thoughtful while others are purely for fun. Questions might morph over time or remain constant. To make it fair, Laura will answer one question herself in each Q&A session. If you would like to give answers to “Laura’s Quick Questions,” then send us an email with your name and the best way to contact you:

Joanne Warnock is the librarian at the gem that is the Carnegie Library and Museum in Perry. She has a master’s in nursing and retired from her successful nursing career in 2020. She’s travelled all over the U.S. — coast-to-coast — and Europe. Travelling is her favorite thing to do. She’s headed to Florida this spring. Joanne has three sons — one who lives in Vienna. She likes to be busy and tends to get involved in too many things.

Laura: Name a song you could listen to on “repeat” for forever.
Joanne: “Big Yellow Taxi.” (Written and performed by Joni Mitchell with the memorable chorus, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone? They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.”

Laura: App on your phone that you use the most.
Joanne: Facebook.

Laura: What’s your favorite thing to do in Perry?
Joanne: Shop.

Laura: Best photo spot in Perry.
Joanne: The Big Bike. (Thank you, Cheri Scheib and others!)

Laura: What’s the strangest question anyone has ever asked you?
Joanne: How did you end up in Perry? (Charming, kind and talented husband Joe, of course, who grew up in Perry and was in my graduating class.)

Laura: What do you wish you really understood about Perry?
Joanne: Why they took out the railroad.

Laura: What one thing would you like to see happen in Perry that hasn’t happened yet?
Joanne: I would like to see more people participate in all the events and happenings that the city offers.

Laura: Favorite Perry comfort food?
Joanne: Mexican food.

Laura: When people come to Perry for the first time, what do you think surprises them the most?
Joanne: Our beautiful buildings and shops.

Laura: What’s the one thing that you really wish all Perryites understood about you personally?
Joanne: That I’m not from Perry, but that I consider myself an Iowan now.

Laura: Name one of your hidden talents or interests that may surprise people.
Joanne: I like to go to the ocean and swim in the waves.

Laura: Scariest animal?
Joanne: Snakes.

Laura: Favorite Iowa day trip?
Joanne: To Des Moines to enjoy the symphony or a performance at the Civic Center or the Des Moines Community Playhouse. I enjoyed the recent production of “Hadestown” and am looking forward to the phenomenon that is “Hamilton.”

Laura: What book changed your life?
Joanne: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

Laura: What is your favorite binge watch?
Joanne: “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Great British Baking Show.”

Laura: Motto/saying/rule to live by?
Joanne: Always be positive.

Laura: If you could go with no cost to you, would you go into space?
Joanne: No.

Laura: Number of speeding tickets in your lifetime?
Joanne: Maybe two. (You heard the word “lifetime,” right? Not “year-to-date”?)

Laura: Person you’d most like to meet.
Joanne: Michelle Obama.

So happy you’re an Iowan!

Visit Librarian Warnock at the Carnegie Library Museum Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10-4, Thursday 10-7, and Sunday 1-4. Explore the books, museum exhibits, courtroom, beautiful architecture, interesting upcoming programming, and more—all free.

(App I use most on my phone? “Podcast Addict.” Listening primarily to Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda and Ear Hustle.)


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