Legendary Brown Dog trades freedom for security

Is it possible to love freedom too much? Brown Dog asks mutely.

Lynn Daniels of Perry spent some quality time at the Raccoon River Pet Rescue Wednesday with long-free Brown Dog after the latter’s entrapment by officers of the Perry Police Department.

The brown dog known as Brown Dog was captured Wednesday after running at large for time out of mind on the streets and alleyways of Perry.

“Brown dog has been caught by Perry officers this afternoon,” Perry Police Chief Eric Vaughn announced on Facebook. “He is currently under the care of the Raccoon River Pet Rescue, where he will be evaluated and receive any necessary care.”

Vaughn said he was grateful to Joyce Conklin VanKirk and the Raccoon River Pet Rescue, “who have been working hard on a safe way to get him picked up.”

Once he is cleared by the vet, Brown Dog is destined to reside with Lynn and Dixie Daniels of Perry, who have helped sustain the freedom-loving Sheba Inu for more than a decade.

“After a clean bill of health, he will be coming to live with us to live out the rest of his life,” said Dixie Daniels. “Thank you so much for everyone who has been involved and have helped him over the last 13 years!”

Dogs were domesticated by humans at least 15,000 years ago and possibly as long as 30,000 or more. Brown Dog has not been running at large quite that long, but he has heard and followed the call of the wild for many moons.

“Bless Lynn Daniels for his loving care for his buddy all these years!” said one of the many joyful people commenting on Facebook. “Lynn has the biggest, caring heart for him and truly cares about him.”


  1. Thanks for this story, Jim! Brown Dog is legendary and so many people have worried and cared for him over the 13 years he’s been at large! I’m sure hoping he has many more great years with Lynn and Dixie eating his favorite treat…..Cheeseburgers!


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