Letter to the editor: A nation of immigrants needs to learn respect


To the editor:

As the nation observed “A day without immigrants” on Thursday, I had some thoughts.

The word immigrant does not necessarily mean illegal or undocumented. We are a nation of immigrants and many of those who marched are legal citizens, either by birth or by the process of naturalization.

Here is a short synopsis of my thoughts on this issue:

  1. Is there an issue with undocumented citizens? Yes.
  2. Do they contribute economically and socially to our communities? Yes.
  3. Do they take our jobs? No. Many of the jobs they do are jobs  many of us refuse to do.
  4. Are they safe? No. The abuse and exploitation of undocumented citizens is huge. And yet it’s still better than their homelands!
  5. Is there an easy answer? No! The costs in personnel, court costs and the like involved in deportation are astronomical. Our country cannot afford it.

I have been blessed to work with, pray with and become friends with many immigrants.

My final question is: Why can’t we treat people with respect, no matter what color their skin is or where they come from?

Barb Bierschbach Wolter



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