Letter to the editor: A. G. Bird displeases reader

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird

To the editor:

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird exhibits dogmatic behavior. No visible actions are evident that she has tried to engage with anyone of different ideas.

Bird has managed to embarrass Iowa with her action to harm rape victims. Since Iowans elected her, it is hard to reconcile my belief that Iowans are compassionate. The damage that she is capable of is disheartening.

Unless those who seek freedom for everyone rise up to protest, we are stuck with four years of tyranny.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


  1. It might be helpful to share the particulars about your concerns. I honestly only have a slight hint at best of why you are upset with her.

    • Thank you, Connie, for pointing out my omissions. A.G. Taylor suddenly stopped a state-sponsored program that had worked for years. A victim of rape was treated with compassion by offering a birth control medication so that she would not become impregnated. If that was not soon enough, she would be offered an abortion medication. Most rapes/incest are inflicted on girls under 18. An adolescent does not have the means to take care of her health.


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