Letter to the editor: A vote for Biden is a vote for sanity


To the editor:

It has been startling to hear some say that they are not going to vote for president because they do not like either candidate. This is essentially a vote for President Donald J. Trump.

Trump has shown that he does not believe in the system of checks and balances, the basic tenet of the Constitution. He has also shown that he does not want to protect our troops against Russia. It is scary to contemplate a second Trump term.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has served his country with honor. Biden has developed the knowledge to know who to trust with leadership positions. He has shown intelligence when co-leading our country during the 1998 recession.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to restore our country to sanity.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


  1. No vote is a vote for Trump, and he has shown he can’t lead, can’t keep his last campaign promises let alone his new ones. He has lost any ability to lead us out of this division in our United States. Exercise your Constitutional right!

  2. You can’t be serious. A vote for dementia Joe is a vote for socialism. Do you really think he will be in charge? Hell no, he won’t. He will be run over by radicals like AOC, Sanders and others. He will cave to their every wish and if he doesn’t finish his term, which is likely, we will be stuck with radical Kamala. Open your eyes, and quit being a sheep for the left. I was a registered Dem for over 35 years, and that party has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    • Glad you have a crystal ball and believe the propaganda of lies about Biden. I am looking at Biden when he was vice president. He led the task force that led us out of the 2008 recession. Biden also gathered knowledgeable health care experts to craft the Affordable Care Act. Of course, if you believe that Social Security, police and fire protection, the interstate highway system and public schools are socialism, then you will just have to deal with it.


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