Letter to the editor: American patriotism is pride in imperfection


To the editor:

I believe this Fourth of July weekend will be different from any that we have ever lived. Our country is suffering from a pandemic, deep divisions and economic hardship. It may be tempting to question the strength of our nation at the moment.

But I refuse.

I believe in the United States of America not because it is perfect. Our flaws are clearly evident to those who open their eyes. No, I believe in the U.S. because history has shown us that we have consistently met challenges, overcome them and improved because of them.

Genocide, slavery, a Great Depression, wars, political assassinations, near nuclear annihilation and more — America has always overcome itself and improved itself.

Our ancestors chose to call this place home, and we are able to enjoy its freedom, opportunity and beauty. It is now up to us to continue this legacy of progress.

This Saturday we celebrate our 244th birthday, and I urge you to celebrate in your own way. Not because we are perfect but because we works toward perfection.

I urge you to celebrate our birthday and recharge your batteries, but remember that patriotism should not be a short burst of celebration. True patriotism is a dedication not just to love our country but to help improve it for future generations.

If you are open to supporting Perry’s effort to improve for the future, the please donate to the Fourth of July fireworks drive. I am in the final two of the Big Boom Bracket Battle with J.P. Hulgan. One of us will earn a pie in the face, a small price to pay to help celebrate our progress and the promise of what we can become as a country.

Eddie Diaz



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