Letter to the editor: Americans face a fateful choice

President-elect Joseph Biden addressed the American people Jan. 6 as insurrectionists stormed and sacked the U.S. Capitol at the behest of President Donald Trump.

To the editor:

In Russia, pro-democracy mobs are rioting against their dictator, Vladimir Putin. In the U.S., white-supremacist mobs are rioting to install a dictator who supports their conspiracy theories.

Americans have to decide whether they want a democracy that is supported by the Constitution or a government ruled by an autocrat. We are at a dangerous crossroad. We have Republican leaders who are cowering before QAnon-elected Congressional representatives.

President Biden stated, “When hatred goes unchecked, and when the checks and balances in government and society that protect fundamental freedoms are lost, violence and mass atrocities can result.”

Julie Stewart Ziesman


  1. I agree that people need to decide what kind of government they are supporting. Because a dictatorship isn’t about God and country or constitution. White supremacy folks are wanting the right to bear arms. Constitution already gives them that right. Some are ex-military with anger issues. What’s really insane was how many of them Trump was able to BS by repeating the same thing over and over and over. Power-thirsty people don’t care who they ruin to stay in power. A dictator, if allowed, will reduce freedoms we take for granted.


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