Letter to the editor: Anti-mask judge is unqualified, extremist

U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle. Photo courtesy the Federalist Society

To the editor:

I loved reading comic books. Back in the early 1950s at the age of 8 or 9, my parents would not let me have them as my Mom thought comics were just trash reading.

I was so excited when my second cousin gave me a stack of 20 to 30 comic books to take home following a visit to her house. My Mother burned them! Not because of trash reading, but the person who had them before my cousin had developed polio, and Mom was concerned I would get polio from the pages of those comics.

This was before any prevention was available for polio, and children frequently became paralyzed and died. Of course, it was later learned that polio was transmitted primarily through feces, and the comics would have been safe.

Now we have COVID-19. The past two years and more have revealed many scientific breakthroughs regarding transmission and treatment. We know it is spread through aerosol respirations. Not like droplets of saliva or nasal secretions, but exceedingly small particles that are able to travel similarly to how we smell smoke or perfumes.

The variants or mutations of the Omicron virus continue and though they seem not as deadly to persons who have received vaccines and boosters, they continue to infect persons. The latest Omicron subvariant is BA2.

Using my nursing education and public health background, you can imagine my surprise when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation for masking as a precaution was overturned on April 18 by 35-year-old U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa, Florida.

Mizelle attended law school at Covenant College and the Fredric Levin College of Law. At that time of her appointment by Donald Trump in 2020, the American Bar Association gave her a “not qualified” ranking based upon only 8 years of experience, rather than the usual expected 12.

Mizelle is a member of the Federalist Society, a group that advocates for originalist interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. She is married to the person who was Trump’s top attorney for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

This person without any knowledge of disease prevention single handedly overruled credible science.

The truly frightening prospect is that another pandemic will come. Think about the recent SARS epidemic, the avian flu, and the long-ago killer polio. The credibility of science projected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control will be gone because of politics.

American who I knew, loved and respected, where art thou?

P.S. At the time of submission of this letter on April 28, the Iowa Department of Public Health released data that 245 COVID-19 cases were reported per day during the past week.

Mary Weaver, R.N., M.S.N.


  1. Mary, I am sorry I have to disagree with you. If the COVID-19 vaccine was truly a vaccine, it would work the same way as the polio vaccine worked. Get the vaccine, and you will not get COVID-19 or spread it. Now we know that the “science” of 2020 that said the vaccine was going to stop the virus was not true. We were lied to. It is proven now that it is not a vaccine. It is now found that it destroys your immune system. Why are so many people getting sick and having side effects? I am an educated person. The last 2.5 years has shown me that the government does not have my best interest. It wants to bend me to what they think. Why didn’t the medical community teach us how to improve out immune systems though diet, vitamins and supplements? Oh, that is right: big pharma does not make any money on that. Follow the money! Who is richer now than two years ago?

  2. Raymond L Knapp Jr, no offense but your understanding of science is just as flawed and skewed as your political indoctrination and belief in unfounded conspiracy theories. It’s not your fault. The GOP has launched an all out and out campaign against quality public education since the Reagan administration. When people have scant opportunities to acquire critical thinking skills — and you combine that with the Fairness Doctrine being rescinded — it’s no wonder we have at least two generations of people who either don’t bother or don’t know how to fact check. It’s not your fault you believe just about anyone and everyone other than qualified experts. Don’t get me wrong. As an old longhair, I really do appreciate your mistrust of government, but you throw the baby out with the bathwater. You mistrust the academics as well. Your approach to government is just as questionable, too. The idea isn’t to get the government off our backs. Rather, we should be getting on the collective back of the political infrastructure. Regardless, I’m way off topic here. The point is many thousands of people have perished needlessly on account of ideological meddling in scientific matters. The culture of mistrust, as evinced by people such as yourself, has not only killed folks the last couple years, it threatens to undo us in many more ways than COVID-19 for years to come. Nothing personal but your twisted perspective is what’s wrong with this country.

  3. The original letter writer is upset because when the judge ruled, she based her decision on the law and not because of emotion. It sure is infuriating when those pesky laws, passed and signed by our elected representatives, are followed, isn’t it? The Biden administration is appealing the decision because, as they share, it’s about establishing what the law allows them to do, but even they are going to base their appeal on their view of the law and not of some emotional appeal to their wishes and desires. I hope I won’t be deemed “twisted” by someone, too, but it won’t be anything personal will it? Emotions don’t always bring out the best of in us, but at least judges don’t rule by emotions.

  4. Good lord. It’s a free country, whether you like it or not. Wear a mask if you want. And leave me alone b/c I don’t have to. Pretty simple.

  5. Barry, this particular judge ruled on nothing. Unqualified rating from the ABA, her main claim to fame was being married to a Trump crony. Trump was never big on competence.

  6. Kurt Whiton, no, it isn’t that simple at all. I don’t worry too much about masks around most of town on account of it’s being pointless after all this time, the preponderance of locals being vaccinated and the recklessness of so many of the stubbornly non-compliant. Masks are basically a non-issue around here now. Still, they were quite necessary a couple years back and possibly may be again if the virus mutates radically. Yes, the government does indeed have the power to mandate quarantines, masks and vaccines if deemed necessary by medical experts and professionals. This is not done flippantly though. Individual rights and liberties can indeed be suspended. Stated simply, your rights end where my nose begins. If your behavior endangers the health and well being of others, the state does indeed have the power to modify your behavior. The problem we have with the so-called judge here is she is neither qualified to sit on the bench nor qualified to make medical decisions. She is merely a flunky appointee of the orange abomination whose name should never be spoken aloud again in this plane of existence. I have made my point. Take it or leave it. I do not plan to come back to this conversation.

  7. Sure, you do not have to wear a mask. You may be risking your life by not being vaccinated. However, when you carry the virus, I am risking being around you because I have blood cancer and atrial fibrillation. I am fully vaccinated and chose to be around those who are, too. However, I am deprived of being in crowds that have not been tested before entering. What you do does effect others. Freedom ends when someone else is hurt.

  8. I’m going to completely deconstruct the same old tired propaganda, point by point. Read and learn.

    1. Mary, and everyone who blindly agrees with Mary…guess what? You can smell smoke with a medical mask or cloth mask on. And a covid virus is about 65 times smaller than a smoke particle.

    Smoke particle: 6 micrometers mean diameter width.
    SarsCov2: 95 nanometers mean diameter width.

    So…..NO. MASKS DO NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF RESPIRATORY VIRUSES. If you can smell smoke with these masks on, YOU CAN INHALE AND EXHALE VIRAL PARTICLES WITH THESE MASKS ON. Many air-borne viruses are about 1000 times smaller than the average smoke particle.

    Over 50 scientific studies before 2020 have proven that mask-wearing is not effective at stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. Which is why you never saw mask mandates before 2020. So what was different about 2020 and hundreds of years of medical history before that? POLITICS! Fauci himself, in 2020, publicly admitted that masks are not useful at stopping covid. Until he suddenly realized that making the country wear masks everyday would keep that visual fear alive going into the November, 2020 elections. So….POLITICS!

    But go ahead and pretend that they work. That’s your choice. But you’re NOT going to mandate that I go against the above science and wear one.

    2. NO ONE IS VACCINATED! If the jabbed can still get and spread covid, which has happened millions of times all over the world for the past year, then IT’S NOT A VACCINE. You can go on pretending like you’re vaccinated. YOU ARE NOT. What you ARE doing, though, is making a lot of politicians and bureaucrats and the pharma industry who are already wealthy and in positions of power get wealthier and more powerful.

    Why did the corrupt, politically-motivated CDC change their definition (not THE definition… THEIR definition) of vaccine two years ago from the correct definition used for the past 200 years? POLITICS! I KNOW THE DEFINITION OF VACCINE. You CANNOT just change the definition on a political whim and get away with it. Not with me.

    3. Asymptomatic spread has NEVER, EVER been a driver of a respiratory pandemic. NEVER. This is straight from guess who’s mouth? You got it. Fauci. In 2020. So enough of the tired, false narrative diatribe, “You are endangering my health by not getting jabbed and not wearing a mask.” Sorry. Healthy people with no symptoms don’t endanger the public. SICK PEOPLE WITH SYMPTOMS DO. That jab you took? It’s doing a lot more harm than you can possibly imagine. Turn off the corrupt media on TV and do some actual research. I have. Starting with Senator Johnson’s hearing this year on the massive amount of “vaccine” injuries in the military. Oh. Haven’t heard about that hearing? That’s because you still watch the CORRUPT MEDIA. Turn off the TV!

    4. Here’s a lesson on critical thinking…or LACK thereof:

    a. If the mask protects you, which it doesn’t, but let’s pretend it does–WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR ONE? Does your mask only work IF I ALSO HAVE ONE ON? That’s like a firefighter saying his fire suit only works IF I ALSO HAVE MY FIRE SUIT ON. Either it works OR IT DOESN’T. And we all know….MASKS DON’T WORK. Not to mention asymptomatic spread is irrelevant.

    b. If I, a healthy person, enter a restaurant with a mask on and walk to my table with a mask on, then take the mask off to eat and drink, does the mask matter? NO. It demonstrates PLENTY OF SHEEP BEHAVIOR AND POLITICS, but zero critical thinking. Or you’re just a sheep. (No offense.)

    c. If a basketball player wears a mask while seated 6 feet away from everyone else on the sideline in an empty arena, then enters the court WITHOUT the mask to play a contact sport with 9 other players without masks on, then goes back to the isolated seat and puts his mask back on, does the mask matter? NO. It demonstrates PLENTY OF SHEEP BEHAVIOR AND POLITICS, but zero critical thinking. Or you’re just a sheep.

    d. If a basketball coach wears a mask while pacing back and forth on the court and doesn’t talk, then pulls the mask off to scream and yell at players and officials, then puts the mask back on and continues to be silent, does the mask matter? NO. It demonstrates PLENTY OF SHEEP BEHAVIOR AND POLITICS, but zero critical thinking. Or you’re just a sheep.

    e. If a football team and literally everyone on the staff tested negative for covid and is playing in an empty stadium, but they put masks on anyway, does that make any sense? Only if you’re a following sheep and POLITICS are involved. Then the football game goes to overtime. The players tested negative before the game and just got done playing a full game with no mask on. The captains meet at midfield for the overtime coin toss….WITH MASKS ON. Why? SHEEP. POLITICS. LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.

    f. If the shot protects you, WHY DO I HAVE TO GET THE JAB? Does your shot only work IF I ALSO GET A SHOT? Again. RIDICULOUS. That’s like saying my headache medicine only works IF YOU ALSO TAKE THE HEADACHE MEDICINE. Again, asymptomatic spread is irrelevant and a non-factor.

    5. So-called medical experts and professionals can give advice. That’s it. Advice. And if many so-called medical experts and professionals are atheist and/or believe in macro-evolution and/or lack morals or any kind of biblical worldview, kind of like most of the academics and medical professionals in 1900’s Germany that colluded with the German government, THEN I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ONE WORD FROM THEM. THEY LACK WISDOM!

    You want a mask mandate? You want a jab mandate? Use the legislative process spelled out in our Constitution and PASS A LAW. Otherwise, MANDATES CANNOT OCCUR.

    And if coercion and threats are required to get all of the medical establishment and scientists on board with a particular narrative, then it’s NOT consensus. It’s BLACKMAIL.

    Which countries are experiencing the most covid cases per million citizens right now? The countries WITH THE HIGHEST RATIO OF JABBED CITIZENS. Iceland. Israel. To name a couple. Which continent on the planet outside of Antarctica has the least number of citizens jabbed? AFRICA. Which continent has the lowest number of so-called covid deaths? AFRICA. Guess why?

    You want to know why ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have not been allowed to be administered freely in this country? Not because of any valid medical studies. Because the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) that our federal government is using to allow the jab to be administered (without fear of litigation) can only be used if there are no alternative treatments. If there is ANY alternative treatment at all, the EUA is revoked and the jabs can no longer be administered.

    There’s way too much money to be made for that to be allowed. There’s way too much power to be gained for that to be allowed. There’s way too much of The Great Reset (discussed by Glenn Beck) to be implemented for that to be allowed.

    And any doctor who goes against this narrative who is part of the government-run health care system is threatened with license revocation. THAT’S NOT CONSENSUS. THAT’S POLITICS AND BLACKMAIL.


    • Mr. Brix, I suggest that the next time you have surgery, you insist that the doctors take off their masks. Why even sterilize the equipment or wear rubber gloves? Does this sound ridiculous to you? Well, since I have underlying conditions, your diatribe sounds ridiculous to me.


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