Letter to the editor: Baptist pastor boosts Perry


To the editor:

Just today one of the men of the First Baptist Church in Perry posted a powerful YouTube video of Sen. Scott Wilk of Santa Clarita, California.

California has been a Socialist/Communist state for a long time, and in Wilk’s words, he has “witnessed a full-frontal assault on charter schools, taking away parents’ choice and how their children are going to be educated, to the detriment particularly to children of color . . . . If the parent does not support the ideology of the government, they are going to be taken away from the home. . . . If you love your children, you need to flee California.”

I encourage you to watch the entire clip. It is eye opening. The brave senator is correct. You must flee any state which seeks to take away your inalienable rights.

His words make me think that we are still yet to see the largest exodus and economic collapse California has ever encountered. Both California and Illinoi are hemorrhaging people for good reason. That means they are looking for a new home, a home with true and peaceful liberty. If you are looking to move, here are three reasons to move to Perry, Iowa.

First, you should move to Perry because it believes in American liberty. Contrary to California, Iowa is the strongest homeschool state in America. Iowa fought for homeschool before homeschool was cool.

Just recently Iowa Gov. Reynolds passed a law banning LGBTQ teaching. Not too long ago, a bill was signed allowing parents to receive a substantial amount of money for their child to attend an accredited private school of their choice. The state of Iowa values parental authority.

Second, you should move to Perry because it is more affordable. My wife and I just got back from visiting Utah. I am baffled by how much people are willing to spend on a home every time I go out west. In Des Moines, you can purchase a 1,400-square-foot house for roughly $250,000. A similar sized home in San Diego will cost you more than $1 million. Everything is significantly more affordable in Iowa.

Third, you should move to Perry because Perry backs up the family. Let’s be honest. Blue states hate the family. Even its own senators admit it. Iowa supports the family. This is most likely because of its churches.

The First Baptist Church, for example, loves families so much that I teach that churches should be built on families. The Bible teaches that the family is central to a flourishing society. Any culture which destroys the family destroys itself. Any culture which strengthens traditional family strengthens itself.

If you are seeking to move, put Perry, Iowa, on your list and come check us out.

Rev. Andres Reyes


  1. Perry is a nice town. I haven’t lived there since 1978, but I visit. Your false characterization of California and Illinois is disappointing from a “man of the cloth” but not unexpected. Iowa has decided to legislate against liberty and freedom and instead to race to the fascist bottom. You support the narrow vision of what a family is and denigrate the many beautiful families that don’t fit into your pill box. My father’s brother was a priest. Their sister was a nun. I learned love from people who followed Christ. They wouldn’t like what Iowa is becoming.

    • I concur. Rather than make my reply in a comment, I believe a full separate submission is required and should be forwarded in the next 48 hours. I kind of need to let the blood drain out of my eyes first. Responding in anger is understandable but not suggested or wise. Anyway, I thank you for your respectful reply to the apparent theocrat’s missive.

  2. You can dress it up any way you like. We clearly see the intent. Dissolving our public school systems, brick by brick, is theft — theft of public money, of time, and of opportunity. Bringing God into these schemes makes it all the more disgraceful and dishonest.

  3. I grew up in Perry. It had excellent public schools and friendly, welcoming people. I still enjoy visiting. My father is buried at Violet Hill Cemetery. But I am deeply disturbed by the dark path Iowa’s far-right Republican policies have led the state down. I am happy to live, with my family, in the “blue” state of Minnesota. I hope that reason returns and hatred, cynicism and fear leave Iowa politics in the future.

  4. Rev. Reyes, you are tap dancing around the issue, talking about “the family,” “the traditional family” and how Blue states hate “the family.” Can you clarify this? Who is it that you wish to exclude from your church and our town? You clearly have someone in mind. Is it Californians? The dreaded Communists? Single moms? Single dads? Nebraskans? You must have somebody in mind, but you appear hesitant to come out honestly and directly. Also, you attempt to make a point about real estate prices by using San Diego as your example, one of the most expensive cities in the country. To that, I have to say, “Yeah, dude, it’s San Diego. Have you been there? It’s pretty nice.”


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