Letter to the editor: Beware of seller, says buyer


To the editor:

Last year we were needing a different vehicle because we wanted to go see our son and his family in Kansas. When we approached a local dealer, we had a nice car with low miles and a great warranty. The dealer promised us a good, dependable vehicle that would meet our needs.

I told him I am a disabled vet, and my wife is disabled as well. He promised he would get us a great vehicle. I must also say that we traded our old motor home for a fifth wheel just because I felt and still feel the old motor home would not make the trip to Kansas.

The local dealer looked and found us something on the internet that appeared to me, with my limited knowledge, to be a great vehicle. It was a 2008 pickup to pull the fifth wheel.

Since I know nothing about such things, I feel he should have told me that a diesel engine takes more maintenance than a regular gas motor in the winter. He told me this truck was from Florida, and his dealership would purchase it, and then I could buy it. I knew he would make a profit on the truck, but I figured he was helping us, and that was fine.

When the truck arrived, I went to look at it, and I saw some damage on the hood which he promised they would fix it. They never did. It turns out there other issues with the vehicle that were much more major.

Yes, he did fix some things, but one of the major problems he refused to fix. I now have been told by another dealer that the truck needs a new motor, costing up to $20,000, and that price is for a rebuilt motor, and they can’t guarantee the seals on it.

We went to Kansas and had several problems. I still have as evidence the texts I sent in which I offered to take it to a Ford garage in Kansas and have them run diagnostics, and I asked whether he would pay for it. He said, “No! Bring it home.”

We did bring it home, but it was still having problems. He took off the catalytic converter and said that was the problem. However, we still had major problems with the truck, and he has refused to put any more money into it. It is my feeling that he knew what all was wrong with the truck at that time.

I did a check on Carfax.com and found the vehicle was owned by a rancher in Texas. We were told it was from Florida. Then it was owned by someone in Pennsylvania, and then who knows where?

This dealer has no integrity. He has made us other promises that he did not keep. I have also found out from other dealers that they get vehicles and complaints about him all the time.

He has not kept his word for this disabled vet and his disabled wife and has no compassion. Friends who have done business with him also say they will never do business with him again because of the way they were treated.

Now we are stuck with a vehicle that may not preform when we need to go to doctor’s appointments and the like. We are stuck making payments on this broken vehicle that he refuses to have any more to do with.

We are on a fixed income, and he knew this at the time of our purchase.

Be careful of this local dealer. He will rip you off and if you are disabled, he will have no compassion for you or try to help you in any way.

Pat Dittert


  1. Can you tell us the name of this car dealer so we can stay away from it? Most of us are working familes living check by check. If something like this happen to us, we’ll be hurt, too.

    • Hank, there is a clue in the letter as to who it is. I do not name the dealer for certain reasons. Look at it again, and see the word fifth wheel was bought up there, too. Contact me at Rivapt77@q.com

  2. 😵😡 So sorry to hear of the dealership that is so ruthless. Prayers that somehow or way that your situation turns for the best. Just remember, you could also drive the Karma BUS.

  3. I am so sorry this has happened to you, but I have been in the auto industry for MANY years. I knew right away who you were talking about. They are far from being HONEST. They are EXACTLY the reason why people refer to salespeople and dealerships as SCUM. We are NOT all the same. Again, I am sorry you were taken advantage of.


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