Letter to the editor: Bike-trail chase ‘isn’t over by a long shot’

Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs examined the scene of a motorcycle crash that ended a hot pursuit along the Raccoon Valley Bike Trail Sept. 26 near Minburn. One man was injured in the chase.

To the editor:

I am writing to you today to try and clear up a few things that are false in a story that was run about the Sept. 26 accident in Minburn.

I am or was the driver of the motorcycle involved and would like to clear some things up. We were sitting next to the co-op elevator when a deputy flew up behind us, almost hitting the four-wheeler. It stayed there and was not involved in the chase.

The pursuit took place like it said except the police did in fact take their patrol cars down the bike trail in pursuit. I’ve done a lot of research on the pursuit standards or guidelines, and I would like to mention a couple that may have been overlooked.

I did not commit any violent felonies or destroy any property or cause any problems in town. We drove like normal people as we should have. The police knew who I was and where I lived at.

The pursuit shouldn’t have taken that drastic of a turn if they could’ve come to my place at a later time.

At the hospital, a deputy informed my brother that the reason for the initial stop was for them to give us a warning. Nothing we did should have warranted a pursuit of that magnitude.

Also, they say I lost control of my bike. No, I did not. As I approached an intersection, there was one patrol vehicle sideways in front of me. As I approached at about 40 to 50 mph, another patrol vehicle spun behind the first one, putting it directly in front of me. I hit my brakes, and nothing I could do would have stopped that collision, which didn’t need to happen.

That was intentional use of deadly force. They have to give you ample distance to stop.

Also, there was no just cause for this pursuit to ensue to the ending of my being in the hospital for 10 days. My injuries are very severe and will take a long time to recover. More surgeries are expected, and I will be in a wheelchair for quite awhile.

There was no need for this. They knew me and where I lived. Nothing we did warranted a pursuit of this caliber when going to my house would have been the way to go.

There will be a lawsuit being filed on several accounts. I believe they were out to intentionally hurt me, and they did just that. I did nothing to deserve this treatment and am working on rectifying this.

Also, I’ve ridden dirt bikes for 20 years and have never even laid one on its side let alone lost control over it. They used the patrol vehicle as a bat, and I was the ball.

I just wanted ThePerryNews.com to know what happened. You needed the real story. Thanks again for reading. Any questions, feel free to contact me. This isn’t over by a long shot yet.

Jason Charlet


  1. I am not condoning actions taken by the cops in the incident, but don’t overlook the indication of Karma. Did the people you have victimized deserve it? Should you rectify your wrongdoings?


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