Letter to the editor: Biofuel standard good for farmers, Iowa


To the editor:

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has proposed legislation that would create a statewide biofuel standard. This standard is good for Iowa in many ways.

In addition to increasing demand for Iowa’s homegrown fuel sources — corn for ethanol, soybeans for biodiesel — it goes a long way toward making significant reductions in carbon emissions. Replacing petroleum-derived diesel fuel with soy-based biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%.

Replacing internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles is what we read and hear a lot about today. While this sounds good, it is just not feasible, especially in places like California, where the grid at times has difficulty meeting current demand.

Standards that incentivize fuel retailers to meet the demand for biofuels go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint, utilizes current infrastructure and strengthens the economy in Iowa’s rural communities.

Because this proposed legislation is good for Iowa, I encourage my fellow farmers and Iowans to support the Iowa Biofuels Standard.

Tom Vincent


  1. I couldn’t disagree more. Electric vehicles will replace most cars. California’s grid may be problematic, but that is a result of lax regulation and is fixable. Bio-diesel may be ok, but ethanol is a mess. It uses almost as much energy to produce as it provides. It drove producers to till marginal lands for greater production. Producers already mismanage land by over fertilizing it trying for bigger yields. This has led to the degradation of Iowa’s water to the worst in the country.
    The worst part about the proposed legislation is the requirement that only one pump be allowed for non-bio fuel. There will be a line there. Many people never use ethanol blended fuel.


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