Letter to the editor: Build new room, says PHS wrestling standout

Senior Kaleb Olejniczak and Perry head coach Mark Weber pose in Waukee Dec. 15, when the Bluejay standout eclipsed the 150 win mark for his career. Photo courtesy Tiffany Olejniczak

To the editor:

My name is Kaleb Olejniczak, and I am a senior student and wrestler at Perry High School. I am writing in support of the new wrestling room.

Wrestling has done so much for me. It has taught me discipline, toughness and hard work. I am lucky enough to be continuing my wrestling career after high school at UNI. I started wrestling when I was 5 years old in our current wrestling room.

I grew to love the sport and being in the wrestling room with friends, teammates and coaches. Junior Jay practices became junior high practices, which eventually became high school practices. Through the years, I have had many fond memories in that room.

The wrestling team has become like a second family to me and the wrestling room like a second home. Wrestling is unique in that there is only one wrestling room and therefore shared by all ages.

The current wrestling room has served its purpose, but being connected to the high school would be better for numerous reasons. Having the wrestling room connected to the weight room would allow strength training to be done during practice instead of having to do it before school.

A new wrestling room would have higher ceilings and make jumping rope and rope climbing possible, and having the room connected to the school would make it easier for kids who are managing their weight to workout during the day. Moving to the high school would also allow access to upgraded locker rooms.

A new wrestling room would be a great source of pride for students, wrestlers and alumni.

Please vote “Yes” in support of the bond referendum on Feb. 5.

Kaleb Olejniczak


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