Letter to the editor: Dangerous guests for Dallas County GOP

The Dallas County GOP's 2020 fundraiser was headlined by the My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, a multimillionaire inventor and CEO of the MyPillow corporation. Photo courtesy Dallas County Republicans

Congressman Jim Jordan, who wrestled for the University of Wisconsin in the 1980s, is alleged to have looked the other way as a coach while Dr. Richard Strauss sexually abused 177 male students in the Ohio State University wrestling program over two decades.

To the editor:

During the first week of September, the Dallas County Republican Party of Iowa will welcome Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan to their fundraiser in West Des Moines.

This is the same Jim Jordan accused of covering up and hiding sexual abuse and misconduct of student-athletes by a fellow staff member in the Ohio State University wrestling program many years ago.

This is the same U.S. Representative who dedicated his career to former President Donald Trump and his audacious lies that led to a deadly insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Dallas County GOP is welcoming this controversial individual with open arms in order to help raise funds. The moral obligation of our nation is to do right and to hold each other accountable for our actions.

Does this mean that the Dallas County GOP openly denies the allegations brought forth by six former OSU wrestlers about Jordan’s involvement in covering up and denying sexual misconduct by his fellow staff?

Do the Dallas County GOP also deny Jordan’s involvement in the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection that killed brave law enforcement officers who were protecting him and many other elected officials, including Iowa’s Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Joni Ernst and then-Vice President Mike Pence?

Where does the Dallas County GOP draw the line? I guess it comes as no surprise that in 2020, during a global pandemic that killed hundreds of central Iowa residents, the Dallas County GOP welcomed famed businessman turned Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell to their fundraiser.

Lindell is now spreading lies about the 2020 election results and the Jan. 6 insurrection and is peddling dangerous advice to viewers about COVID-19 and medical treatments.

Who’s next for the Dallas County GOP? Dallas County is no place for dangerous politicians to spread lies and deceit. We can do better.

Bryce Smith


  1. Maybe you should worry more about what your president is doing to this country, getting troops killed and Americans left behind and then checking his watch several times while those brave dead soldiers were being unloaded at Dover. You brainwashed liberals are killing this country. Open your damn eyes, or get the hell out.

    • I believe the ISIS-K killed our soldiers. Do you believe we should have stayed one week longer, 6 months longer, 10 years longer? What kind of dreams do you have that we could have won that war? Why were we even trying to make Afghanistan into a replica of the U.S. when they have never had a central government? The Vietnam War had a messy exit as well, leaving behind two soldiers killed during that exit. Were you at the unloading at Dover?

      • The video shows him looking at his watch several times. We should not have abandoned Bagram AB. And yes, we should have stayed until every American and Ally that wanted to leave was rescued. What planet do you liberals live on? Biden is a joke, and anyone that voted for him should be feeling pretty damn stupid right now. Hell, I won’t even mention the mess at the southern border or the thousands of unvetted Afghans he brought here. The guy is a disaster. The real problem is I almost feel sorry for him because I don’t think he is actually in charge. This is all going to blow up in their face, and it will be ugly.

  2. G. A. Chiri’s remarks are totally irrelevant to this conversation. The points he makes pertain to another subject entirely. His primary purpose is not to shed light but to illicit an emotional response and distract the readers from the subject at hand. Besides, the guilt of one party is not diminished one bit by pointing fingers and making accusations against others. If Mr. Chiri wants to make his points in an entirely separate missive, he’s quite entitled to. The subject here is specific to the questionable judgement of the Ohio Congressman and the perceived irrationality of a celebrity pillow manufacturer. Furthermore, many of us are flabbergasted as to just how low the GOP can go with frontmen such as these. Anyway, Chiri needs to stick to the subject. It would be much more appropriate for him to state his case apart from any reference here.

  3. And you, Gregory Allan Chiri, are everything that’s wrong with Iowa today. You ignore reality. You ignore the truth. You ignore the fascist criminality of the GOP. Why? Because it is easier for you to do that than it would be to honestly evaluate the ideology you embrace.

    American history quiz for you. Can you name the one and only time, in all of American history, when the conservative POV came down on the right side of history? In 245 years, your ideology has gotten it right…precisely…once.

    No, it was not the War for Independence. The conservatives of the time, Torries, opposed the effort for independence and fought on behalf of King George.

    No, it was not the Civil War. The conservatives of the time, the Confederacy (you know, the guys you still idolize), took up arms AGAINST the federal United States government, and a progressive Republican president fought a war to OPPOSE “states’ rights.”

    No, it wasn’t women’s suffrage. Conservatives opposed giving women the right to vote.

    No, it wasn’t opposing child labor laws. Conservatives sought to keep 7-year-old kids working in coal mines and steel mills.

    No, it wasn’t civil rights. President Johnsons signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and when he did, he famously said, “We just lost the south for the next 50 years.” Look at historic Electoral College maps pre-1964 and compare to post-1964. The south voted Blue prior to 1964. When a Democrat administration gave equal right to blacks? The south has pretty reliably voted red ever since.

    So tell us, Greg, with your infinite wisdom, when DID American conservatives ever get it right? (HINT: In terms of its modern day equivalent, conservatives now oppose the one time they had it right.)

    • Hey, clown. How is your guy Biden doing as opposed to the ancient history you spout? And if your all-knowing arse hasn’t noticed, the Dem party is far from what it was back in the ’60’s and ’70s when I was a Democrat. It’s why I am a registered Independent now. I vote for the best person available, in my opinion, not who I am told to vote for like you sheep. lmao.


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