Letter to the editor: Diaz to meet voters at library Wednesday


To the editor:

Meet school board candidate Eddie Diaz Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. in the Community Room of the Perry Public Library at 1101 Willis Ave.

The Perry community is familiar with Eddie’s longtime engagement in our community and his inclination to volunteer where he feels he can add value.

Nudged by community members and by his vision for the Perry Community School District, Eddie will be seeking your vote for one of the two open school board positions on the ballot Nov. 2.

It can seem that decisions impacting our children, ourselves and our community are made miles away and far outside our control. The Wednesday night meeting is the perfect chance to become locally engaged and informed and to vote for a school board candidate who shares your vision for our children, the parent-school relationship, teacher recruitment and development, academic rigor and community involvement in our schools.

Eddie has experience as a teacher and an administrator across various grade levels. He knows the playing field, and he’s a listener who will hear your thoughts and experiences.

The cliché is true: It takes a village.

Join the village Wednesday at 6 p.m. to hear Eddie’s ideas for supporting Perry students, families and staff. And if you like what you hear, commit to how you will do the same.

Laura Stebbins


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