Letter to the editor: Family values PHS academic, athletic strengths


To the editor:

Please vote Yes on Feb. 5 for the new career/technical and wrestling/multi-use space to be added to Perry High School.

Our children (Class of ’08 and Class of ’09) benefited greatly from the faculty and staff at Perry public schools and had wonderful academic, athletic and music opportunities and instruction.

The classes and after-school clubs, competitions and work sessions offered through the industrial technology department allowed our son to interact with people having a range of skills and backgrounds.

He benefited from the leadership of the older students when he was in middle school and then had the opportunity to practice leadership skills as a high schooler through local, state and national activities.

He learned many practical automotive and building trades skills and enjoyed the times he visited other schools for contests that led to state and national competitions. The adults involved were clearly student-focused and devoted their time and talents to the learning and service opportunities available to Perry students on a year-round basis.

The new areas will be safer, make optimal use of space and provide a far better learning environment than the current industrial technology rooms.

Instead of an inadequate wrestling room at the west end of the football field, we have the opportunity to build on to the current high school. This multi-purpose space can be used for a variety of activities during and after the school day and for many extra-curricular practices and workouts year-round.

With this vote, we each get to help Perry schools keep moving forward!

Sue Kimpston


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