Letter to the editor: God might damn us yet for this

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To the editor:

I tell you plainly, clearly and in no uncertain terms whatsoever, our nation is violating international law and committing crimes against humanity.

Have no doubt. The immigrant detention centers are concentration camps. Don’t to try tell me they’re not. That point is not up for debate at all.

If the plight of those 300 children under such squalid and horrific conditions does not move you, nothing will.

As a former evangelical Christian, I know what most of them think about gay people, abortion and what have you. The attitudes and theology of the Westboro Baptist Church is by no means unique although I give credit to most Christian fundamentalists for softer rhetoric and kinder methods.

Specifically considering abortion, it is no particular secret that most evangelicals tend to believe God will put any nation under his judgment for killing all those innocent, unborn babies.

If what is happening in the detention centers doesn’t bother you, don’t even talk to me about the unborn. I won’t hear it any more than I will allow anyone to deny we are now a rogue nation operating concentration camps.

Even if the sins of our past are left out of the equation, the karmic debt we are incurring at this moment is more than enough to bring our downfall and the ruination of anything or anyone who may yet retain a modicum of grace or legitimate humanity.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the hard rain coming will fall on us all.

There was a bishop during the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars of southern France who faced the predicament of dealing with thousands of non-combatants taking refuge in a cathedral when their city fell to the crusaders.

When asked by the victorious soldiers what to do with the throngs in the church, the bishop faced a dilemma. For the most part, there was no way to distinguish between those loyal to the Cathars and those still loyal to the Roman Church.

“Kill them all. God knows His own,” the bishop said in response. Following his orders, thousands were butchered with swords and axes in the confines of a consecrated church. During more recent times, the phrase has morphed into “Kill them all. Let God sort them out.”

When judgement comes to us, even the almighty himself will probably need to sort everyone out after the fact.

Nick Eakins


  1. Obviously, you have no clue what concentration camps were like. Maybe you should go see the Holocaust Museum before you make such ignorant comments.

    • I was waiting for someone like you, Gregory Chiri. I knew what the definition of the term meant in the 7th grade back in 1967. I’ve seen the photos and films. I was personally acquainted with two Holocaust survivors when I was a young adult. People who know me will testify I know World War II, American and Western history quite well. I can provide you with several valid links to prove beyond a doubt the detention centers are concentration camps. Indeed, they need not be out and out death camps to be concentration camps. If you wish, I can forward those links to you via the editor here as I know he is quite wary of posting links on his pages here. Indeed, I am so convinced as well as being extremely upset about the matter that I will not allow for any difference of opinion on this matter. What I am saying is you as well as anyone else that does not think these places are concentration camps are flat out and absolutely wrong. If it saves one life, I will maintain my position here and carve it in stone if need be. These places are concentration camps, and the innocent lives at stake and the soul of our nation demand absolutely no divergence of opinion here whatsoever. They are concentration camps, and that’s that.

  2. Your letter to the editor is considered an opinion, which means that your opinion is open to challenge/debate by others with a different opinion.
    We have temporary detention facilities for people that cross illegally, which is not comparable to concentration camps where people were held against their will, forced into hard labor, starved, tortured and killed. Until recently, the majority of illegal immigrants were young males in smaller numbers that did not require special accommodations. The reason for the sudden change to families and children is the ability to get away with illegal entry if children are present, taking advantage of our laws intended to protect children. Accommodating the massive change has stressed resources and personnel beyond their means. I don’t believe any immigration laws were made in consideration of caravans of thousands, deliberately entering illegally and invading a country primarily for a better place to live.
    International laws and crimes against humanity are specific regarding human trafficking. Violations are committed by the cartels that facilitate the human trafficking and mass immigration, while making billions for doing so. The U.S. needs to combat this problem by eliminating the incentives through our weak and failed laws. Acceptance of illegal immigration and false claims of asylum need to stop.
    If, by chance, your reference to violating international laws and committing crimes against humanity pertains to Trump’s call for mass deportation, you are wrong. It is not a violation of these laws nor a humanitarian offense to do this because the targeted individuals have had their day in court and have been ordered out of the country by law, therefore have no right to be here.
    I am certainly glad that God will not seek your input in passing judgment.

    • Actually, the last remaining prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials is still alive and states unequivocally that these are in fact the practices of concentration camps. The man sent NAZIS to the gallows, so if you or anyone else is more qualified than he is to make the call, let’s see those credentials.
      I learned the difference between facts and opinions more than fifty years ago. What I’m trying to convey in mine is not an issue of ignorance so much as indifference. Stated plainly, I no longer care what anyone thinks. There was a time not so long ago when I could agree to disagree, but too many lines have been crossed. On this and other issues of great social importance, I have arrived at a place where I cannot and will no longer compromise my ideology or make any more concessions that trouble my conscience. Those days are gone.
      That being said, I hold as fact everything I list below and simply will not allow any difference of opinion. I’m calling these as they are without reservation or apology.

      A. Our country is chiefly responsible for the misery, violence and low quality of life south of our borders. Metaphorically speaking, we set fire to their “house.”
      B. Those unfortunates are coming here because of the fire we set.
      C. Essentially, we are charging these refugees with trespassing because they jumped out of their upstairs window onto our roof.
      D. Our abominable treatment of these refugees are absolutely and without a doubt crimes against humanity. The detention centers are absolutely and without a doubt concentration camps.
      E. If there is no question the direct authorization of these inhuman policies came from Trump, Session or whomever, then they are just as guilty as Himmler, Eichmann and the lot.
      F. If said guilt is determined, then Trump, Session or whoever should be hanged just like Eichmann was in Israel and the others back in Germany.
      G. There is absolutely no justification for the purposeful neglect and inhuman treatment at these detention centers whatsoever.
      H. There is absolutely no justification for the separation of these children from their parents and if Obama did it too, he’s just as guilty.
      I. Have no doubt whatsoever that I have arrived at a point of indignation where the opinions and feelings of others concerning this and several other outrages by this insane and evil administration are of secondary consideration to me at best. To quote Rhett Butler. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

      Please, do ThePerryNews.com and everyone else a favor and respond to this on ThePerryNews Facebook page if you must. I’ve said my piece here and will reply no more except perhaps on Facebook.


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