Letter to the editor: Gutting Office of Congressional Ethics a bad move


To the editor:

The first act that the House Republicans voted to do is to limit investigating corruption violations.

Trump backs gutting of the independent ethics group just not the timing.

According to Yahoo News, “Goodlatte’s move would change the name of the group from Office of Congressional Ethics to Office of Congressional Complaint Review, strip it of its independence, block it from investigating any wrongdoing that occurred prior to 2011 and prevent it from releasing its findings to the public without the authorization of the House Committee on Ethics. The rules change would also prevent the panel from alerting law enforcement to criminal activity without the approval of the House committee.”

Sounds like a recipe for making it easier to commit ethics violations and even crimes.

Please contact your congressman today.

Third District Rep. David Young’s phone number is 202-225-5476. You may send him an email through his website.

Julie Stewart


  1. Good news. They backed off from all that when The Donald tweeted His displeasure about it. Yes, Jim, the large caps are there intentionally.


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