Letter to the editor: How long will this animal cruelty continue?


To the editor:

Let’s stop allowing this to happen right in front of us!

It’s 2023 and animals deserve better!

Why is this type of animal treatment acceptable?

Where is this, you ask? Right here in Perry, and no officials who have been contacted in the past five years will do a damn thing about this horse’s living conditions!

This man’s animal abuse has gone on for so long, and everyone who has been called out to see first hand the neglect has done nothing but turn a blind eye to it and enabled this to continue happening.

He even went and got a donkey last year to add to the hoarding animal abuse situation!

At least the horse isn’t living in squalor and starving to death alone!

Why does an animal have to die before people will be held accountable?

Kristy Hupp


  1. There is a donkey on the property, too. The police have been called, but they told us that it is outside city limits. We called the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, but someone there would call the owner ahead of a property visit, and the owner would take out water and maybe food, and then nothing was done to save these animals. Last year we had a detective we were hoping would help. As you can see, nothing has been done to the owner.


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