Letter to the editor: How will anti-abortion laws be enforced?

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To the editor:

My grandmother died in rural Iowa after a miscarriage. Many of my family and friends have had miscarriages that they were devastated over, but they lived because of modern medicine.

With three adolescent granddaughters, now I am worried whether a doctor will give them medical care if they have a miscarriage.

Because a miscarriage has to do with pregnancy, will they have to go court to prove it was not an abortion?

Will they have to record their menstruation period with a civil servant that is open to public viewing?

Will they be allowed contraceptives to prevent pregnancy?

Will they be stopped from traveling out of state just because they are of child-bearing age and might be pregnant?

The biggest question is how will the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Roe v. Wade be enforced?

Julie Stewart


  1. It’s common knowledge Trump’s minions believe the election was stolen and Biden is not the legitimate POTUS. Between Grassley using the judiciary committee to stall out Obama’s nominee until his second term ended and the clearly unqualified justices installed during Trump’s administration, be advised there are millions who call into question the legitimacy of the current SCOTUS. Roe v. Wade might have gone by the wayside, but those same millions believe in the right of choice whether the courts do or not. With that in mind, go ahead and criminalize abortion again. Then, enforce the prohibition. We want you to. We really, really want you to try.

  2. When these theocrats succeed in shutting down this area of medical practice, will any doctors risk even learning a procedure to save a woman having an ectopic pregnancy?

    And now, women will have to deal with the insurance company and the police upon finding out they are pregnant, and any miscarriage will require hiring legal counsel.

    With all this talk of new laws, what of the man’s part in pregnancy? They only speak of the baby, the mother, the doctor, and the police officer. I guess guys are off the hook, by design. Before the birth, they’re free to walk away.


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