Letter to the editor: Iowa women for Trump to rally Thursday


To the editor:

Women voters are going to make the difference in the 2020 election — just like we did 100 years ago in the 1920 election.

A century ago, Iowa women were celebrating their victory in pressuring their state government to ratify the 19th Amendment. It was 99 years ago this week that those same women learned they would have the right to vote in a presidential election for the very first time.

Republican women, in particular, took the initiative back then by registering to vote, allowing them to play a key role in giving the GOP landslide election victories throughout the 1920s.

It’s time we carried on that tradition, and Women for Trump is ready to help register the women who are going to keep Iowa “red” in 2020.

After all, there’s too much at stake for us to risk letting any of the Democratic presidential candidates into the White House. As we saw recently at the Iowa State Fair, all the Democrats have to offer is massive tax hikes, divisive identity politics and heavy-handed government intervention in the economy.

First and foremost, we can’t afford to hand control of the future of our families’ health care back to the party of “if you like your doctor can keep your doctor” — especially not when so many of the Democrat candidates are openly discussing abolishing all employer-based health insurance.

Think about how much your family has benefitted from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The average household here in Iowa saved around $1,400 in 2018. If any of the 2020 Democrats wins, get ready to hand all that back — and more — in order to fund an inefficient, sub-par “public option” to replace the high-quality health care you currently enjoy.

If the likes of Senators Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren gets into office, it won’t even be an “option” — your health insurance will be made illegal even as you’re forced to pay through the nose for lesser care.

President Trump has shown that his administration will always put your family’s prosperity above showy promises of new social welfare programs.

Amidst record economic growth and a manufacturing renaissance, unemployment recently reached its lowest point since 1969, and women are the biggest reason why. Earlier this year, the female unemployment rate hit 3.4 percent, even better than the national average, and the lowest level jobless rate for women since 1953. Hispanic unemployment, meanwhile, recently fell to an all-time low.

Wages are also growing faster than at any point since before the Great Recession, proving that it isn’t just a bunch of low-level “McJobs” improving the employment numbers, but rather a sustained hiring boom that is producing millions of quality, full-time jobs.

This administration has also delivered on its promise to keep America safe. An ominous blip in violent crime that began in 2014 turned into a horrific murder spike in cities like Baltimore and Chicago by 2016. When President Trump took office, we were on the precipice of a return to the unlivable crime rates of the 1980s.

Thanks to the president’s commitment to the rule of law and support for law enforcement, that trend has been reversed. In 2017 violent crime stopped rising as the president rolled back the Obama administration’s onerous consent decrees against police departments. The real pay off came last year, though, with preliminary statistics showing that murders have nearly dropped back to their pre-2014 levels.

Gun violence may be way down, but there’s more work to be done. The back-to-back politically motivated massacres earlier this month show we have to do more to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. President Trump is committed to finding ways to do that, including Red Flag Laws, without infringing on our cherished Second Amendment rights.

There’s so much more that this nation can accomplish under this president, and Iowans — especially Iowan women — can play a key role in making that happen. But we’ve got to register new voters to ensure that the divisive candidates on the Democratic debate stage don’t make it to the Oval Office.

Women for Trump has the tools to get started now so we can ensure Iowa holds the line against Democratic extremism next year. I hope you’ll join me for a training and meet and greet this Thursday, Aug. 22 at 6 p.m. Jethro’s BBQ ‘n Jambalaya at 9350 University Ave. in West Des Moines.

There’s a lot to learn, and there will be a lot of awesome people on hand to make the experience a fun one!

Tana Goertz
West Des Moines


  1. Wow, have times changed! Iowa women want to revert back to 1919, when they could not vote. Electing Republicans who are trying to stop people of color from voting will soon take it away from women, and the women of Iowa are leading the pack. Go ahead, girls, vote GOP. You didn’t want the responsibility anyway.

  2. Tanna Gertz was an apprentice, working for Trump several weeks on his show before he “fired” her. I have nothing against her personally. Having met her on a few occasions, I can say she she is affable and articulate. My interactions with her were on a professional level but I can say they were essentially very pleasant. She is a nice person. I just wish she wasn’t working for Trump.

    She makes a lot of claims here that I’d like to see her back up with verifiable and non-biased evidence and documentation. Most people I know here, Ottumwa and everywhere else are still struggling. Stock market jumps benefit only those who can afford to invest and mean little to nothing for those on limited incomes and living paycheck to paycheck. While my assertions are quite anecdotal, hers can and should be verified with evidence. The point is she talks about the improving economy, low unemployment and higher wages for those on the lower rungs, but it’s just talk. Please prove it. I don’t see it. Most folks I know don’t see it. She definitively needs to prove the average American has a higher standard of living as expressed through actual statistics. She claims all that. She needs to prove it.

    Don’t be misled with all the historical stuff she says here. Her information is quite factual, but it isn’t what she says that’s the problem. It’s what she doesn’t say. I’ve known many other Republicans to use the same tactic. What they fail to mention is that neither major party now even remotely resembles what they were a century ago. At one time, the Grand Old Party was really quite progressive, and the Democrats were the conservatives. The polarities here have been reversed starting from FDR’s New Deal and going on through the civil rights movements of the 1960s. To be sure, at one time even Martin Luther King was a staunch Republican. Up until the early 1970s, the Rockefeller Republicans represented the progressive lobby of the GOP. The latter became an extinct species even before the Bicentennial of 1976. The conservative wing of the Democratic Party was predominantly the segregationist Dixiecrats. Beginning during — and because of — LBJ’s Great Society programs, the Dixiecrats switched party affiliations. The Democratic Party virtually blew apart during 1968. Since then, it’s really been the Democratic Party that has been waging the progressive fight for women, minorities and all others oppressed by the reactionary right of the current GOP. When signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, LBJ asked those in attendance what he had done. Their response was in the effect to say he had just signed the most comprehensive civil rights legislation since Reconstruction. He said, “I have handed the South to the GOP for the next 50 years.” Like I said, don’t fall for her historical references. They’re only there to appeal on an emotional level. Both parties are absolutely different from what they once were.

    Women for Trump? I don’t really understand it. The way I see it, the GOP has waged war against the rights of women since the 1980s at least. What has he done for women so far? All we really know from his comments is how he treats women.

    I think the world of Tanna but, seriously now, Women for Trump? Makes about as much sense to me as Ants for Aardvarks or Gophers for Rattlesnakes.

    Nick L. Eakins


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