Letter to the editor: Know-nothing Hubbell not proud of Iowa

Photo: Charlie Neibergall / Associated Press

To the editor:

I recently ran for a position in the Iowa House of Representatives. I threw my hat into the ring because every day when I looked at the Iowa Secretary of State website, I saw no one on the Republican ballot in House District 47.

When I turned in my paperwork, I was told I was the third candidate that day. In the primary, I won my county but lost overall.

When I was campaigning, I heard from a lot of farmers, even out of my house district, who said they could not trust Hubble for governor. He didn’t know anything about anything. He said he would listen but knew nothing about the issues.

On top of that, he was quoted as saying, “Iowa was not the best state to live in.”

I want my governor to be proud of my state. I want my governor to push for rural values and to push for economic development for rural Iowa — not just West Des Moines, Ankeny, even Ames — and give small towns equal opportunities for economic growth.

I’m sure his money will carry him into the sunset but wonder if he will ever know anything.

Don Batt


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