Letter to the editor: Lawmakers should rescind anti-mask law

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds autographs a poster for anti-mask activist Emily Peterson of Ankeny May 20, 2021, after signing into law a bill that prohibited public or private schools from requiring “employees, students or members of the public to wear a facial covering for any purpose" while on school grounds. Photo by Pat Rynard

To the editor:

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds recently expressed her confidence that the COVID-19 spike in cases would decline “relatively quickly.”

The governor’s opinion overlooked the lives that would be devastated by sickness as well as by lifelong disabilities or death due to the virus.

Reynold’s callous observation is even starker when she continues to mandate that school districts cannot take mitigation measures to slow the spread of the virus, such as requiring face masks.

As hospitals again are filling up, Reynolds and the Republican state legislature need to revisit their rash new law that prevents local control of communicable disease.

Parents who care about all children’s safety need to continue to lobby their lawmakers. If two Ankeny mothers can force a decision to make it illegal for local authorities to prevent masking everyone inside a school building, then surely other parents can express their desire to have their children be safe at school.

Julie Stewart


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