Letter to the editor: Libertarianism is organized hatred


To the editor:

What insults my intelligence the most about many — not all — of today’s political “conservatives” is how many of them are extreme libertarians and how many of them try to hide the fact from the American people that they are what I refer to as survival-of-the-fittest Social Darwinists who would love to abolish every single federal government social program that helps the poor, the near poor, the lower classes and the middle classes — especially Social Security, which is the one that they hate the most.

Stewart B. Epstein
Rochester, N.Y.


  1. Someone from New York is so upset at a small, ineffectual group of people with hardly any political power that he believed we in Iowa needed to be warned of them. That was so thoughtful of him to warn us. I needed a good laugh.

    • Or the ones trying to get in. But we might wait on that so we can make Ms. Harris president. I’m sure she would be willing to take over if Joe’s family issues turn out to be true. Timing is everything, so we will get her in and have her wait.

  2. Pretty weak double attack there. Let me show you how it’s done: It’s unfortunate for our country that Mr. Pence has always been incapable of taking over as Donald’s many issues continually turn out to be true.

    • Attack? I was just sharing Harris’s game plan if she gets in office. It’s actually quite a imaginative one; too bad it was let loose a little early. Are you worried she might not be capable of replacing Joe and are doing a little self-protection of that worry onto Pence?

      • These fools are too busy hating Trump to consider the inevitability that Harris will be president and what a disaster to have that phony, lying, power-hungry witch in charge of the U.S.

  3. I’m not worried. Joe’s great. Kamala’s great. We have it covered. The only worry about Pence is what’s he going to do for work next year? Go back to Indiana talk radio? Be a spokesmodel for Wonder Bread? He and his buddy are a spent force politically. Sunk costs or not, nobody sane on either side wants anything more from those two.

    • Alternatively, Joe will head home and bounce the grandchild he claims on his knee while he still can remember who the child is, and Ms. Harris will be off to annoy underclassmen who are forced to take her class as an elective.

    • Joe’s great? Your hatred for Trump has overcome any sense you may have had. Joe is a pathetic, child-sniffing creep, as well as a criminal that has used this country and tax dollars to make millions. No conspiracy theory here, just facts. He ruined Hunter as a human being for his own benefit by using him to arrange his scenes, pay family bills and cover their asses. You need to educate yourself so you know the true outcome if your wishes come true. You are a fool.

  4. If my letter gave a reader a “good laugh,” then what does that say about the newspaper and its choice to publish it? Are it and its editor also laughable for believing that it was worth of being published? All of my letter is verified in the award-winning book written by 12-time award-winning and prize-winning journalist JANE MAYER titled, “DARK MONEY: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE BILLIONAIRES BEHIND THE RISE OF THE RADICAL RIGHT.” Check out the reviews of this book. Most are glowing.
    These radical right-wingers have a lot of power and influence.
    But I am sure that your reader believes that he knows much more than someone who has won 12 awards and prizes for her journalism. Now THAT is a big laugh!


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