Letter to the editor: Mash verdict satisfies DCSO

Dallas County Deputy Sheriff's secure the crime scene on J Avenue south of Perry, where Jakob Mash was murdered Dec. 22, 2020.

To the editor:

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office wishes the public to know that we were very happy with the outcome of the Mash trial and verdict.

Many times an agency has singular parts of a large case, as in, maybe they do the investigation and then take them to jail. Then the sheriff handles the trial and court proceedings. Not often does a law enforcement agency handle an entire case from start to finish.

Not only did our dispatch handle that traumatic call, our deputies were the first to respond. Our investigators did a fantastic job putting everything together with the assistance of the DCI. Our jail handled Mash while he was in custody, and our courthouse/transport division took care of hours and hours of depositions and hearings to arrive at today’s result.

The county attorney’s office did an admirable job on this case, and I am not sure people outside of our work realm know how hard they worked on this case.

I am so proud of my agency and our county attorney for all of their hard work and professionalism! I hope that Jakob’s family can find some peace in the verdict.

Chief Deputy Adam Infante
Dallas County Sheriff’s Office


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