Letter to the editor: Modesty, morals deserve new facilities


To the editor:

On Feb. 5 Perry schools will be voting on a $6.5 million referendum. I will be voting Yes!

The addition of a new multipurpose/wrestling room and industrial tech area is overdue. Both buildings are an investment in our youth’s future. We need to give them the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and updated environment.

We currently have a number of girls who are actively involved with wrestling. The current wrestling room does not have adequate facilities to meet their needs. There is one locker room, one stall of showers and one bathroom. These girl athletes have nowhere to change clothes, nowhere to shower and no privacy to use the bathroom in the current building.

Their options are to wait until all the boys are finished and gone or walk back to the school to use the facilities there. When our girl athletes do walk over to the school, it is in the dark.

Another problem is the coaching staff. They have to use the same shower and bathroom facilities as the athletes. We have been very fortunate that we have great coaching staffs with morals and integrity. We cannot, as a community, continue to put everyone involved in these types of situations.

I bring these issues to light not to cause controversy but to inform you of the issues you wouldn’t know about unless you are part of the wrestling community.

We have an opportunity to resolve all of these issues by voting Yes on Feb. 5. Please vote Yes for our youth!

Jeremiah Atwell


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