Letter to the editor: ‘My heart broke for the poor cat’


To the editor:

This is to the pathetic excuse for a man who drives the newer white Ford with the cool tail lights:

We watched you from the window stop in the road, get out, open the tailgate of your truck and throw your pet cat out into the small wooded area behind the high school, which is in the front of our house.

No worries. It came to my yard, so I went out and got it. It has enough food for tonight, but it’ll be hungry by tomorrow. It’s still sitting in front of my house, waiting for you to return.

And since you dumped your cat like trash instead of surrendering it to the ASPCA or Humane Society like a respectable human would have, the authorities have been notified.

Also, because your truck is so cool, I found it while driving through town. If you want me to give your sweet kitty a lift, let me know. I’d be happy to drop it off in your yard like you did mine.

(Name withheld on request)


  1. Thank you for caring for that beautiful kitty. Our world today needs so much more of the love you have shown for God’s creatures. Bless you for your kindness. –William and Constance Romanowski of Perry

  2. Do you think dropping it off in his yard after this letter to the editor will somehow result in his having a conscience? He will just dump it somewhere more secluded or worse. He probably thought it had a chance of someone taking it in in town. Don’t get me wrong. If I had my way, animal abuse and neglect would be punished so severely, akin to offenses against humans, that it would be a deterrent. Administration of eye-for-an-eye punishment would be perfect, but that won’t happen so for now, hoping for a healthy dose of Karma and judgment later will have to do. I appreciate you for not turning a blind eye.


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