Letter to the editor: New parents find new church ‘home’

Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church

To the editor:

It can be difficult to begin something new — or get back to something you used to do. I think of eating healthy, physical exercise, daily chores or weekly meal prepping as examples.

It can get overwhelming, and we tend to tell ourselves, “I’ll start next week!” Until next week rolls around, and then we promise ourselves silently, “Okay, next week . . . Definitely next week.”

That’s how the idea of going to church was for my husband and me. After moving near Perry, we knew we wanted to be part of a church family, but it felt like every week offered another excuse to push off trying to attend a service — until we found out we were having our first child.

We both knew we wanted our children to grow up surrounded in community and faith. These values motivated us to finally find that atmosphere, and it turns out, it wasn’t difficult at all.

From the moment we attended our first service at Mount Olivet in Perry, we knew we had found our church “home.” Everyone was incredibly welcoming and warm. And whereas when I was a youth, I felt church to be a “chore,” here I found it to be a peaceful time set aside for our family to bring us closer to God’s love.

We are a couple weeks shy of this year’s Easter service, and I would encourage others in the area to attend Mount Olivet to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Consider this your personal invite!

Whether you come for just this one service or find the church feels like a good fit for you, I think your heart will be lifted by song, prayer and the love of God’s only son, who sacrificed his life for ours.

It’s sure to be a glorious morning, and I hope to see you there!

Caitlyn Lamm


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