Letter to the editor: Obey scientists, not politicians


To the editor:

I have a very simple solution to the problem of kids returning to school. This would also be a clear and easily understood message to our corporatist crony of a lady governor of Iowa.

Every single parent who is half-aware, half-educated and who halfway cares for their kids as well the rest of the children of Iowa should absolutely refuse to send or allow their children to spend so much as one minute in any classroom whatsoever until the qualified experts and accredited epidemiologists of this country say it is reasonably safe.

Those who make that call should not under any circumstances be government officials on any level or anyone remotely answerable to the narcissistic, blathering and blithering idiot of a buffoon who has totally desecrated the office of President of the United States.

I simply refuse to mention the orange slug’s name at this time.

Nick Eakins


  1. Mr. Eakins, I noticed you included the word “lady” in your negative string of adjectives used to describe our governor (“corporatist crony of a lady governor”). That sounds pretty sexist to me. Evidently, you don’t think women should be in politics or maybe even vote? I wonder what Nancy and Chuck think about that?

  2. I was pleased to hear that Urbandale and Waukee schools are going to have classes online only, going against the governor’s directive. Is there a plan for the Perry schools when they need to close in October?

  3. Doctors and many qualified professionals are in favor of regular schooling. It is known that children are least affected by COVID19 and the consequences of children not attending school is more concerning.
    I think you, Mr. Eakins, should consult with health professionals regarding your Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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